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Everyone's doing it...even the Pope

I found this picture of the Pope checking out books at the Vatican Library. The Vatican Library is scheduled to close July 14th for three years due to renovations. Guess I won't be getting a job there when I graduate in December. I will be waiting in line when it opens. From all the pictures I have seen it is, like most things Catholic and in Rome, beautiful, yet sinfully decadent!

"Nametags, school colors, and mascots, oh my!"

My boss came up earlier this morning to give me a sticky nametag, printed with our school colors vomit and puke (seriously green and gold...?) YUCKO! It looks even more vomitrocious on our mascot, W the Warrior. Seriously what the hell is W? The President's alter ego in mascot form...?! College is supposed to be a time when students become adults and are encouraged to go out into the world with a sense of clarity and the hell are we encouraging that when the school can't even define its FREAKING MASCOT! Sorry...tangent...I am over tired today.

Anyway, my supervisor found me this morning and told me three times to make sure that I wore my nametag to the Annual Library Staff picnic, so wanting to seem like I 'got the point,' I said, "oh, we all wear nametags so we can get to know each other better...? That's a good idea."

"No, actually we wear them because homeless people try and come and eat our food from the picnic, so your nametag shows t…

Conferences...I am looking forward to the travel destinations

One of the guys that I work with just got back from the American Library Association's Annual Conference (there are two a year, in January and May) and was telling me all about it and I am so excited to go to the next one.

Usually the librarians come from all over the United States and have this huge conference where they talk about where they got their horn rimmed glasses, what is the best cat food to feed your cats, how to properly shush people, and ways to wrap a tight bun with your hair, among other not really...had ya for a minute though eh!?

No, the conferences are a time where Librarians get together and learn about the changing trends in libraries and technology, and newer, more efficient methods that will best serve the everyone. There are programs and special guest speakers, and I am so jealous that I was not there last weekend because some of the guest speakers included: Ken Burns, Judy Blume, and Julie Andrews, along with a closing session with Garrison Keill…

Advice of the day

I found this advice to be true to any type of potluck party...not just the ones in libraries!

"Some foods should be avoided for breakfast potluck parties at your library. Some examples include: potato salad, Doritos, and cigarettes. Sometimes it's better to bring nothing at all. " ~The Polite Librarian, who can be found at this site.
This made me laugh so hard...sounds like something Amy Sedaris would say in her hilarious book, I like you. If you have never seen it, check it out at a bookstore or library. I laughed outloud so many times while I was browsing this book...I must have looked like I'd lost it!

Playing with words

Mummy Dearest and I talked about our love of word play, and somehow I stumbled across this site and had such a laugh over some of the word-play shirts dealing with state and country names. They are below, followed by some shirts that I want because they are just plain funny!
Ha ha ha...this is exactly what I think Shakespeare would have said!

Ode, to Balki Bartakomus!
Remember when this was the highlight of computer class...and technology...the Oregon Trail Game? Did anyone ever win? Do you remember how you got to go to the general store at the beginning and buy things like gun powder and flour? I miss those was decidely simple.I will never see a cowbell again without thinking of the SNL skit of the Blue Oyster Cult, "I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!"
A reference to Ladies of a certain age. If you don't know what a "Cougar" is, check out this link.
I love this shirt...and the game!
This is so YUCKO that it is funny!
I did…

The Modern Librarian and the film "Hollywood Librarian"

Even if you are not in the Library trade, this is still an interesting article about the changing look of Librarians today.

This article talks about the movie, Hollywood Librarians, which was created by a Librarian to show the real side of Librarians. Stereotyped by society, this is a call to realize the value of Librarians and Libraries in the community, especially in the face of constant cut backs in library Budgets!

"Public libraries are just about the last place that anyone can go. We serve the homeless and the mentally ill, we teach the disenfranchised how to use the Internet. We're also the last bastions of democracy and free speech, which is in short supply under this administration." ~Darby O'Brien, Librarian Utica, NY

"Cute is for babies and kittens, but not for resumes." ~12 Sins of Resume Writing

I try and update my resume every 6 months or so to keep it current, or just tweak it a bit.

This morning, while helping a patron find the university's employment postings, I came across a link for Resumes. After our conversation was over I went back to the link and examined many of the other links that were offered. Thought I would share what I found, in the event that anyone else is working on their resumes, or would like some know-how for interview tips, etc.

Happy Hunting!

12 Sins of Resume Writing

Sample Resumes

Tips on Interviewing (the before and after scoop)

Curses...and ellipses

It is Sunday and I am, as always, avoiding homework...seriously how do I ever get it done and turned in on time, you ask...I am not sure elves...?

Anyway, it is Sunday and I am sitting at my desk and clicked on every single link to my favorite blogs and no one has written anything new to read since yesterday. CURSES! I guess I will have to do my a life...and use less ellipses!

"This isn't a conversation about this being over, it's, it's... I'm not, like, putting a period at the end of this, you know, I'm putting, like, an ellipsis on it, cause I'm- I'm- I'm worried that if I don't figure myself out, if I don't go like land on my own two feet, then I'm just gonna to mess this whole thing up, and this is too important...Yeah, the ellipsis, it's dumb. It's dumb. It's an awful idea. I'm not gonna do it, okay? Cause like you said, this is it. This is life."
~Andrew Largeman, Gar…

My Community Analysis Paper

For those of you who I talked to about my Community Analysis paper-I got an A! I've included it below in case you want to know a little about some of the things that Librarians have to think about and take into consideration when deciding things like what they will include in their collections. For those of you Berkshirites, this history of Monterey might be interesting...? I chose this library since it is a small rural public library, similar to a library where I would like to work one day.
I did not include my Rationale section of the paper (the section that basically explains what collections I would add to this library, taking into account the Community Analysis.) For our project we get $5,000 to spend, which is not a lot! I have decided, since it is a small library, that I am going to focus on three small additions to the collection, all based on some things that the town is affected by: Tourism, Farming, and Mental health issues. (I just ask that if any MLIS students or Libr…

Checking in with the final countdown

I looked back at my countdown machine (classy, I know!) and was so pleased to see that I am under the 6 month marker for my program to be OVER!!! I would get up and dance but I am at the library...and I do not want to be that person!

Bathed in Pepto-Bismol Pink

I have bathed my blog in pink..."pink is my favorite color," (although I think Aerosmith was saying that for different reasons). How is it that, me, the biggest Tomboy ever, has fallen in love with the color pink?! A question that I am still fathoming. I decided today that since I feel as though I have little control over my life this week, I need to change the things that I do have control over-my blog, for example, and so pink it is!

I sat back and look at my dousing of Pepto-Bismol pink upon my blog page and it reminded me of Steel Magnolias, and that scene in the movie where you look at the church, all fancied up for Shelby's (Julia Roberts) wedding.

Shelby: "Pink is my signature color."

To which her mom, played by Sally Fields responds, "That sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol."

If you have never seen that movie-DO! I am not much of a crier, but everytime I watch that movie, it is as though my heart has been wrenched from…

Good times

Responding to my friends blog this morning, (please pray for Jenny's Grandma ya'll, she is in the hospital) I tried to come up with things that she could do to cheer herself up, and in the process made myself smile. Smiling felt I will share some thoughts.

9 Ways to Cheer yourself up

1. Maybe attack a co-workers car with "Potted Meat," and popcorn (spelling their name with potted meat on windows is very important to self enjoyment). If you don't know what Potted Meat is, go to a gas station with a questionable reputation and you should be able to find it. THe best description I can ulger: spam meets a blender and cat fish

2. Go into shopping stores and use the electronic cart usually saved for the elderly or overweight...find an older person and race them...odds are you will win.

3. While in the groccery store sing or hum (if you are shy about singing) as loudly as you can, the theme song to the A Team, (if you do not know if, it is also the background musi…

Swirl of interviews and library activity

So, about that job that I wanted but can't take, I emailed the contact person posted and explained how I am still in Grad school, etc., and asked if he would be willing to keep my resume on record in the event that anything else came up later. He said that he would keep my resume on record for 2 years, and he suggested that I call in late November, early December when I am closer to being done and he would be happy to let me know of any job postings in the area that he may hear about from the other libraries. How great. Tre cool!

About the Library position at ITT Tech, I went in for the second interview two weeks ago and heard last week that they had given the position to another WSU student (apparently it was between three of us for the job). I can't say that I was altogether dissapointed. It would have been decent money, but it would have just been a filler until a public library position somewhere opened up. At least I got practice out of it...with each interview that I go o…

Grumpy Gus

Today was a frustrating day. It began when I woke up with a headache. Then I hit my head on the shower wall...hard...still not sure about how I managed that, but now I have a bump. Work this morning was frustrating. I was working on the monthly financial reports and the computer kept making one of them dissapear...the one I needed. I spilled vinegar and oil dressing on one of my favorite shirts = oil stain. :( Traffic. At work again. Thursdays are long days. I work 9-3 at one job, then drive through rush hour for nearly an hour to get to my job here at the library, where I work 4-8. It is quarter after seven...not much longer. I want to go home. I am tired, hungry, and the bump on my head still hurts. So glad that I have tomorrow off.

Life is beautiful

Thanks KT for your blog and for picking me to share my thoughts on what I take for granted.

1. My family: My family (though sometimes overbearing) loves me a lot and is always willing to help me and just plain old love me. We fight too, but there is always that family Elmer's glue that is put on each of us before we are stuck back together. I often take for granted what a lovely, loving person my Mom is, and her good sense of humor, and huge ability to love everyone. And my Dad-he tells the best stories and can fix anything, and often does to keep my car running. I never thank them enough. I couldn't ask for better siblings either. We are all close and able to share in each others triumphs, and I sometimes take that for granted. I am so glad I am not an only child! And I adore my brother-in-law Mike and my sister-in-law Lucia and the nieces and nephews: Syd, Gala, Aidan, and Noah. God has been so good to me.

2. The ability to pursue an education: I know that I gripe about school…

Laura Bush's Legacy

At least the Bush family has done one thing right:

Though, I was dissapointed to see that the money is going to some places that I feel do not need it as much as others. The L.A. area libraries are currently experiencing phenomenal growth and healthiness in their library system and yet they get money. I was bummed that Michigan (especially as we saw our state wide funding cut in half this year) got nothing.

Oh, well, at least the plan is a step in the right direction.

Lazy Saturday

Saturday was a wonderfully lazy day. Friends CJ, Amos, Becca, TSOldtimer, BigBro, Lil Sis, Mummy Dearest and I all walked the 3 mile loop that goes around the farm property. It was a nice to admire nature and talk. Summer was so alive, bursting forth in greens and exposive flowers in shades of cream, fire orange, cranberry red, purples, and the fragrance was thick, hanging onto everything and begging to be noticed. I felt like singing out, "NATURE!!!" like Will Ferrell in that Robert Goulet skit, but I decided against it.

Later that afternoon Mummy Dearest and I ran errands. Such a simple thing to be doing. I had to stop and remind myself that I am on vacation and that it wasn't just an ordinary Saturday...sigh. While BigBro was napping, Lil Sis and I spent some time bonding on the porch, watching a badmitton game progress into a volleyball game. Mummy came out and kept us company, and we all enjoyed the wonderful afternoon sun.

That afternoon Mummy, Hubby, and I listened …

How to make a barn dance

(I know TSOldtimer...I stole this line from your blog, you are tre clever!)

Friday found me waking at 6ish to TSOldtimers gentle prodding of, "you coming to milk with me?" I choose a little more sleep, and a visit to the barn with Mummy Dearest and kiddies. I reaquainted myself with some of the cows that I too had milked at one point, in what seems years and eons ago.

There is nothing so wonderful as the smells of a farm in the morning, especially in the summertime, when everything smells green and dewey; as though a heaviness has been left on everything from the nighttime. The cows waved their earthy smells towards us with each flick of the tail, meant to ward off buzzing flys. They welcomed us with moos and head tosses and a few inquisitive and frightened looks from the newest batch of calves, who backed into pen corners to avoid us.

That Friday, June 15th was Amos' 21st birthday. Amos, Mummy Dearest, TSOldTimer, and Lil Bro and I had a brunch that was truly a team effort…

All Family really is...

Visited the farm where I used to work over the weekend. Went out Thursday-early Sunday a.m. and was devastated (as always) that I had to leave. Thursday was lovely. Airports are the most exciting places in the world, well, that is after foreign countries on my top three list...
1. Foreign countries 2. Airports 3. Naughty novelty shops
Anyway, there is nothing so wonderful as flying...when you are looking forward to the destination, as I was Thursday morning. This inspired me to think (and find) great words of wisdom about flight:
"Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives."~Socrates "The natural function of the wing is to soar upwards and carry that which is heavy up to the place where dwells the race of gods. More than any other thing that pertains to the body it partakes of the nature of the divine." ~Plato, 'Phaedrus' "The air up there in the clouds is very pure…