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"Nametags, school colors, and mascots, oh my!"

My boss came up earlier this morning to give me a sticky nametag, printed with our school colors vomit and puke (seriously green and gold...?) YUCKO! It looks even more vomitrocious on our mascot, W the Warrior. Seriously what the hell is W? The President's alter ego in mascot form...?! College is supposed to be a time when students become adults and are encouraged to go out into the world with a sense of clarity and the hell are we encouraging that when the school can't even define its FREAKING MASCOT! Sorry...tangent...I am over tired today.

Anyway, my supervisor found me this morning and told me three times to make sure that I wore my nametag to the Annual Library Staff picnic, so wanting to seem like I 'got the point,' I said, "oh, we all wear nametags so we can get to know each other better...? That's a good idea."

"No, actually we wear them because homeless people try and come and eat our food from the picnic, so your nametag shows…

Good times

Responding to my friends blog this morning, (please pray for Jenny's Grandma ya'll, she is in the hospital) I tried to come up with things that she could do to cheer herself up, and in the process made myself smile. Smiling felt I will share some thoughts.

9 Ways to Cheer yourself up

1. Maybe attack a co-workers car with "Potted Meat," and popcorn (spelling their name with potted meat on windows is very important to self enjoyment). If you don't know what Potted Meat is, go to a gas station with a questionable reputation and you should be able to find it. THe best description I can ulger: spam meets a blender and cat fish

2. Go into shopping stores and use the electronic cart usually saved for the elderly or overweight...find an older person and race them...odds are you will win.

3. While in the groccery store sing or hum (if you are shy about singing) as loudly as you can, the theme song to the A Team, (if you do not know if, it is also the background musi…

Swirl of interviews and library activity

So, about that job that I wanted but can't take, I emailed the contact person posted and explained how I am still in Grad school, etc., and asked if he would be willing to keep my resume on record in the event that anything else came up later. He said that he would keep my resume on record for 2 years, and he suggested that I call in late November, early December when I am closer to being done and he would be happy to let me know of any job postings in the area that he may hear about from the other libraries. How great. Tre cool!

About the Library position at ITT Tech, I went in for the second interview two weeks ago and heard last week that they had given the position to another WSU student (apparently it was between three of us for the job). I can't say that I was altogether dissapointed. It would have been decent money, but it would have just been a filler until a public library position somewhere opened up. At least I got practice out of it...with each interview that I go o…

Lazy Saturday

Saturday was a wonderfully lazy day. Friends CJ, Amos, Becca, TSOldtimer, BigBro, Lil Sis, Mummy Dearest and I all walked the 3 mile loop that goes around the farm property. It was a nice to admire nature and talk. Summer was so alive, bursting forth in greens and exposive flowers in shades of cream, fire orange, cranberry red, purples, and the fragrance was thick, hanging onto everything and begging to be noticed. I felt like singing out, "NATURE!!!" like Will Ferrell in that Robert Goulet skit, but I decided against it.

Later that afternoon Mummy Dearest and I ran errands. Such a simple thing to be doing. I had to stop and remind myself that I am on vacation and that it wasn't just an ordinary Saturday...sigh. While BigBro was napping, Lil Sis and I spent some time bonding on the porch, watching a badmitton game progress into a volleyball game. Mummy came out and kept us company, and we all enjoyed the wonderful afternoon sun.

That afternoon Mummy, Hubby, and I listened …

How to make a barn dance

(I know TSOldtimer...I stole this line from your blog, you are tre clever!)

Friday found me waking at 6ish to TSOldtimers gentle prodding of, "you coming to milk with me?" I choose a little more sleep, and a visit to the barn with Mummy Dearest and kiddies. I reaquainted myself with some of the cows that I too had milked at one point, in what seems years and eons ago.

There is nothing so wonderful as the smells of a farm in the morning, especially in the summertime, when everything smells green and dewey; as though a heaviness has been left on everything from the nighttime. The cows waved their earthy smells towards us with each flick of the tail, meant to ward off buzzing flys. They welcomed us with moos and head tosses and a few inquisitive and frightened looks from the newest batch of calves, who backed into pen corners to avoid us.

That Friday, June 15th was Amos' 21st birthday. Amos, Mummy Dearest, TSOldTimer, and Lil Bro and I had a brunch that was truly a team effort…

All Family really is...

Visited the farm where I used to work over the weekend. Went out Thursday-early Sunday a.m. and was devastated (as always) that I had to leave. Thursday was lovely. Airports are the most exciting places in the world, well, that is after foreign countries on my top three list...
1. Foreign countries 2. Airports 3. Naughty novelty shops
Anyway, there is nothing so wonderful as flying...when you are looking forward to the destination, as I was Thursday morning. This inspired me to think (and find) great words of wisdom about flight:
"Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives."~Socrates "The natural function of the wing is to soar upwards and carry that which is heavy up to the place where dwells the race of gods. More than any other thing that pertains to the body it partakes of the nature of the divine." ~Plato, 'Phaedrus' "The air up there in the clouds is very pure…

My ideal job...and I can't even take it!

I have been keeping my eyes peeled, constantly checking the Library listing for open positions, and today I found a job that I would love to take...and it is not far from where I used to live out East. TORTURE. To know that I could do the job, and do it well, and live where I want to be-out be able to cast my eyes out on the sea of Berkshire green...sigh...

The posting: 6/22/07 ___, MA, Youth Services Supervisor, ___Library AssociationQUAL: MLS from ALA accredited institution required, with experience in children's library service preferred. Must be creative, energetic yet organized; able to build upon a high level of service in an expanded & renovated facility. Extensive knowledge of children's literature balanced with strong computer & web skills. Heavy emphasis on programming for wide age range demands imagination, stamina & energy. Must be flexible and problem solver; able to work well with all ages.

Physical Requirements: Bending, stooping, reaching, s…

Named after the Patron Saint of Vino

St. Amandus-June 18

Amandus lived in the latter 4th and early 5th century. We learn about him from St. Paulinus of Nola. St. Amandus instructed St. Paulinus when the later was preparing for baptism. They developed a deep friendship and it is through their letters that we come to know Amandus. Amandus was well versed in Scripture which greatly nourished his relationship with God. He was ordained a priest by St. Delphinus.

In the year 400 when Delphinus died, Amandus was appointed Bishop of Bordeaux. He carried out his office with great piety and zeal for the service of God. He resigned his office and St. Severinus was appointed to take his place. After the death of Severinus, St. Amandus was prevailed upon to take up this office again. His death is believed to have occurred about the year 431. St. Paulinus of Nola states that, "Amandus served God from his infancy and always remained uncontaminated by carnal sin." Gregory of Tours writes, "...If you wish to see Bishops wort…

The Detroit Festival of the Arts gave me cooties

For those faithful four or so people that actually read this, apologies for my absence. I never get sick...ok, like once every four years. Apparently this was the year. Went to the Detroit Art Festival, (click here for photos), on Saturday. Met some friends and their kids during my lunch break from the library. I sat with them-while they ate lunch-and drank in the perfect weather. The temperature was low 80s with a breeze and the sun was so bright, simply bathing Cass Ave. in a golden warmth. It made going back to my desk difficult, but I was able to meet up with my friends again after work. We wandered around, snaking through exhibits of tile work, photography, pottery, paintings, chalk drawings, you name it. I had a lovely time. However, I think it was here that I picked up someone's cooties. Woke up Sunday morning with a high fever, sore throat, and an earache, feeling generally terrible. Spent the day on the couch watching a movie and the Tigers Game, both of which made me cry...…

Harry Potter..."Coming soon to a Library near you!"

Different covers of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows!
The event that kicked off one of the most anticipated happenings of the summer-the July 21 release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-has been preceded by the Knight Bus Tour, which has gotten kids (and adults) of all ages into the libraries to see the bus on its journey across America.
This posting is just a tribute to those clever libraries around the Detroit area (since sadly the closest the Knight Bus gets to us is Ohio or Illinois) that are making the arrival of Book #7 something to remember!
Rochester Hills HP Read-a-thon, Rochester Hills HP Bday Celebration, Marquette Harry Potter Festival, Sterling Heights Library and West Bloomfield Public.
To those libraries (like the public library that I work at) who did nothing-bummer-I feel as though this is a great way to get kids into the library. You missed the train...the Hogwart's Express that is! Some other really cool links: "The Harryest Town in America," a…

Drinking Beers, Talking Children's Books, and playing Guitar Hero...?

As librarians we are trained to watch future technological trends, since we are there to meet the needs of our ever changing world and the needs of our customers. Some libraries, the Grosse Pointe, MI. Public Library, for example, now has a collection of tools that can be borrowed, to meet the needs of their patrons. Right on!

Why am I bringing this up...? I have found my new love...after reading and writing that is. I was at my friend S's bday party a couple of weeks ago, and I am pleased that I had some twenty-somethings sipping beers and cocktails outside, and discussing their favorite books. I was so "pleased pleased pleased," to quote Coupling, (one of the funniest Brit shows ever.)

After this lovely conversation we did the cake thing, etc. and then the boys got into playing "Guitar Hero II," and eventually had everyone trying it out.

I have to say that I do not like video games that much...seriously, the last thing I played involved know the one …

I am leaving Michigan because of the State Bird

When people ask me why I want to move out of Michigan, I think of the budget cuts and politics. (See article below)

While budget cuts aren't the only reason, I would like to spend a few moments ranting. So the budgets are being cut-whatever, it happens, right? Well, the thing that pisses me off is that Michigan government has been so crappily (I made that word up) run. Governor Granholm had to cut many budgets this year, and people are mad at her, but I am not, even though it directly affects my future career. Why am I not mad? Because she is cleaning up behind the previous Governor-Governor John Engler, the idiot boy of Michigan. Before Engler left office, he spent every dime he could from the Michigan budget, and then some, putting MI. in dire straits, so Granholm was left with this mess.

Engler is good buddies with Bush Jr., and was considered for the spot of V.P. for the 2000 elections until the majority of the state voted Democratic in the 2000 Primaries (and thankfully in the …

Long Day's Journey into Night and back into day again

I do it to myself so I am not going to complain.

It is a little after 7am and I am calling it quits after a night of doing homework. I got started at 11pm and wrote my 6 page Community Analysis paper, which describes the area and people around a library that I am later going to do a series of mock purchases for. I also just finished my weekly article review for that same class.

And I managed to do some editing of a group project, pasting in some pieces from different group memebers as they came in. Easy enough. I like easy work at 5:30am.

On the nights-turned days-like these I am always thankful to be in my office because I can open the doorwall behind me and catch the coolish 50 degree breezes (in June this is a miracle!), hear the birds starting their morning routines, and meditate a little on the lovliness that is the mostly quiet of the early morning here.

I managed to find some awesome musicians this morning while I was taking a study break, their links I will provide here. Well, app…


Hope I didn't lose anyone. Made some changes to the layout. I am avoiding my homework.

"Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box"-on celebrating Sgt. Pepper's 40th Anniversary!

I must have heard The Beatles in the womb and fell in love with them then. I was going to marry Paul McCartney or John Lennon when I was a kid. When my parents told me that John Lennon had been killed a couple of months after I was born I cried as if it had just happened, though it was 7 years after the murder.

My Mom loved the early Beatles when the songs were all about love and were thickly laid bubblegum rock. I love these songs too, don’t get me wrong.

“I stopped listening to The Beatles when they got into drugs and their music changed,” my Mom told me.

“That is when I started listening to them,” my Dad said.

I smiled, because at 13 I knew what my Dad loved in the later albums-Revolver, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band , Abbey Road, The White Album -all the lovely things and the pain too. I will never forget how I felt that first time I heard George Harrison croone “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” on the White Album, it all but blew my teenage mind as I sat there in my hormone ridd…

Real Conversations at the Library-Part 2

The printers are down at the library today, a note posted on the printer.

An Education student approaches and asks if the printers are in-fact broken.

“Yes, the printers on this floor are down. But they might be functioning on the first floor. You could try and print from down there.”

She goes, and returns five minutes later.

“The printer that you sent me to wouldn’t let me print, so I tried another printer I found on the other side of the library and that wouldn’t let me print either.”

“Oh, that is because the print queues from these computers only go to two printing terminals. This one (I point to the one behind me) and the one I sent you to downstairs. I guess they are both malfuncting. I will mention that to maintenance.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Sorry about that. I can show you how to email the documents to yourself, then you can print them from another printer later.”

“Oh, okay.”

I show her.

“So, would you like to email this document to you so you don’t lose anything?”

“No, no, no. I am going to prin…

Real Conversations at the Library-Part 1

“I need this reference book,” indicating a call number on a piece of paper.
“The book that you are looking for is located on the first floor in XYZ room.” (Directions to this room were given.)

*Ten minutes later*

“I can’t find this reference book and the man at circulation said that you might have it up here.”
“I can almost guarantee that it is not up here but I will check and then if I can’t find it up here I will see about letting you into the Reference room downstairs.”

The book is not upstairs so I walk down to the room that I sent her to before and it is unlocked and the lights are on.

“Is this the room that you came to?” (Indicating the room that I had directed her to before.)

“Yes, but the man told me it was locked.”

I guess you would get that impression when the lights are on and the door is wide open