Real Conversations at the Library-Part 2

The printers are down at the library today, a note posted on the printer.

An Education student approaches and asks if the printers are in-fact broken.

“Yes, the printers on this floor are down. But they might be functioning on the first floor. You could try and print from down there.”

She goes, and returns five minutes later.

“The printer that you sent me to wouldn’t let me print, so I tried another printer I found on the other side of the library and that wouldn’t let me print either.”

“Oh, that is because the print queues from these computers only go to two printing terminals. This one (I point to the one behind me) and the one I sent you to downstairs. I guess they are both malfuncting. I will mention that to maintenance.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Sorry about that. I can show you how to email the documents to yourself, then you can print them from another printer later.”

“Oh, okay.”

I show her.

“So, would you like to email this document to you so you don’t lose anything?”

“No, no, no. I am going to print this and go get it downstairs before I leave.”

“I thought that you said the printer wasn’t working downstairs?”

“It wasn’t when I tried it.”

“Usually when the printers are down like they are today, they are down until Monday since the maintenance man isn’t in today. So, I would suggest that you try and email it like I showed you.”

“Oh, I am just going to go and get it downstairs.”


Seriously, some battles are not worth fighting, and I could see that this was just going to be another Children's Crusade.


Mummy Dearest said…
People, people, people.... As if you knew nothing about the library in which you work. Makes for good stories though!
People just think that you are here to point out the bathrooms. :)

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