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another goodbye

After 4.5 years at Sticks Library, it is finally time to say goodbye. This week is my last, and I prepare to pass off Summer Reading, the Library's Centennial celebration, and the building expansion and renovations that I've been working to get going for 3+ years. These past weeks have been jam packed with activity, me in my office hurriedly going through notes and leaving as much information behind for my replacement--who is yet TBD.

This weekend I've run the full gambit of emotions; so sad to leave behind a wonderful job and coworkers, excitement to finally be living with ChicagoBoy and seeing him EVERY DAY, and nervousness about my new job. I dread tomorrow, my final Board Meeting, because I don't want to blubber like a baby when I say goodbye to these wonderful people. I am so tired from all of the moving and living in an empty apartment, sleeping on a cot--I keep telling myself that my catson and I are glamping--and so tired of feeling emotional. I am just going t…