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a nuclear war feel good story

Interview Wednesday morning went well. I interviewed for another Children’s/YA Librarian position. I am so tired of and bored with the interview process. Upon sharing this fact with a former boss and friend, Flava Flav, he began talking about how the interview process and all of these interviews are good practice for that one interview which will lead to your dream job. While I appreciate any advice that is free for the most part, that still doesn’t change the fact that I hate interviews. While preparing for the usual, repetitive and altogether uncreative questions my mind wanders to all of the highly inappropriate responses I could use. That is why I love my dearest friends…they help me come up with some good ones too.

Upon sharing my interview frustrations with my friend Amos the other night, we came up with some new responses.

Q: “What are your weaknesses?”
A: “Well, my weaknesses include cottage cheese, dark chocolate and men over 40.”
(My roommate M added an open bottle of Vodka …

"'Da Monks Crib"

Didn't have these pics downloaded earlier...wanted to post the pics to go with this weekend. The top picture is of the Retreat house that we stay at. I LOVE SUBIACO!
The second picture is of the monastery side where the monks live, attached to the chapel...also known as "'Da Monks Crib!"

tales from the young and the restless

Life has been moving at its usual pace, propelling us ever onward as a strong wind takes a balloon. Since last I wrote a few things have happened. I wound up getting the part-time Children’s (Infant’s-5th grade) Librarian position, receiving the call last Tuesday; she offered the job with the question, “Can you start tomorrow?”
And I did.
The position is only 20 hours a week but offers some interesting responsibilities that I haven’t yet had the chance to do, so I am excited for it. I am responsible for four regular programming elements:
Babies Storytime* (one/week for five week sessions)Young Toddlers Storytime* (once/week five week sessions)Afterschool Group* (1-5 grade)Bedtime Stories* (Infant-11yrs.)
(* denotes a name change) as well as being responsible for updating the displays every other month, doing some collection development: working with the audiovisual collection for the Children’s DVD’s, audiobooks, and books on CD; and also helping with the occasional party, etc. I also…

2 interviews in a week--I might be on to something

Still have not heard back about the part-time Children's position...maybe the interviewer accidentally came across my last blog and put 2 and 2 together, as we say in the library world. Still waiting...

I received a call on Wednesday from another public library even closer to my house, though this position is also part-time. ARGH! I want a full-time position, but I guess I have to continue to "pay my dues" this way until something better comes along. This position is for Adult Reference, (at least what I actually want to be doing!) .

Sent another batch of resumes out again today. *audible sigh*

Well, it is just after 5pm, so the work day is over. Looking forward to the weekend! We are all doing some more work sorting through some of our stuff (lots of cleaning since Dad died). Also, celebrating my brother A3's 29th birthday this Saturday. Family meal at some point--breakfast or dinner? And then A3 and a bazillion friends are going out for a night on the town--Royal O…

interview responses--take notes

My interview yesterday went well, ending rather abruptly. It was for a Children's part-time Librarian position. I had planned a story time, complete with the book I was going to read, as well as activities that I was going to "use" with the book, etc. After all of the interviewers questions were answered, etc., she thanked me for my time. "Wouldn't you like me to read the book," (which is what some librarians will have you do in the interview so they get a sense of your reading with audience, etc.--also what she told me to plan on doing for my interview).
"No, I'm sure you can read."
Her response actually caught me off guard.
I wasn't sure if I should take her reponse as a vote of confidence, or as a response that she wanted me out of there as soon as possible...

Although, she did email me later and ask for my references, so maybe it was a vote of confidence...though I won't get my hopes up.

As I continue to send out more resumes and c…

do you want the truth or my practiced answer? On Interview questions

On my way out the door to an interview.

It is for a part-time Children's position at a library @ 25 mins from my house.

I hope they don't ask me why I want to work at their library--I always get that question--I might have to respond, "Well, I am really looking for a full time position that has benefits and where I might work at something that I am actually interested in, but I really need to pay the bills so I applied here." EVIL.

Wish me luck!

stuck in the waiting place

Another new year and I have nothing but good feelings for it. Things can only look up after last year. And the year ends in an even number so that's a good thing.

I feel I have been a thousand miles away from my online community lately.

The visit to the farm was good, though I confess I was a little internally restless, which paired with the flu bug I caught while I was there, made for an odd visit. Visiting with friends was good and balm to my soul. New Year's Eve B1, B2, and I made it safely to the farm around 7pm due to an earlier start from Buffalo than expected, good traffic, and great weather. The three of us, Amos & CJ, Mummy Dearest & Hubby, and Nevada celebrated a--for the most part--quiet New Year's Eve exchanging Christmas presents, munching on Mummy'shilarious hors d'Ĺ“uvres (some variation of these), drinking (Amos brought back some sneaky liqueur from Bolivia and I brought Michigan beers for the boys' Christmas presents, which consequently …