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It really happened...

So we got engaged on Christmas Eve. During a walk in our favorite park, ChicagoBoy took me to a beautiful overlook and proposed.  And of course, I said, "yes."  And now I am in that golden glow of just not believing I really get to spend the rest of my life with this man. This wonderful, wonderful man. I am stunned. And overwhelmed. And so so happy.

every librarian's dream

This was in our book drop today. Wonderful wonderful.

so MUCH is happening


SO. MUCH. IS. HAPPENING! But I am staying eerily calm...ok, I freaked out a little back in November, but have been Zen-ing my way to peace the last couple of weeks. So, ChicagoBoy and I have been talking marriage for a while now, and...
My ring is being designed as we speak!We've picked a date! LESS THAN 11 months away!We've booked my church and talked to my (now retired) Priest, who's agreed to marry us!We paid the deposit on the restaurant where we're having the ReceptionAnd we think we've figured out how to have a chill Rehearsal DinnerI've been going to interviews around ChicagoLand and HAVE A 2nd INTERVIEW this WEEK! I am so hopeful! Life is so exciting right now. And a little scary as I creep closer into this limbo zone of not quite knowing.

Ok, guys, you got all the dirt before anyone else did, so keep it on the D.L. Ok?