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10 ways you know you're at a Library Conference

10. Don't be surprised if you see lots of comfortable shoes with all kinds of outfits. Librarians are about practicality.

9. At some point during the week you will hear discussion of the latest book or comic book/graphic novel turned into movie, opinions about the actors selected, and who really should have been cast.

8. You will see a few too many programs on whatever the latest craze in libraries is in the current year...STEM or Makerspaces ring a bell?

7. You can play a sort of Where's Waldo that includes: one librarian wearing some kind of kitchy library swag, i.e. due date slip scarves or socks; a librarian wearing an ironic cat sweater; a few famous authors, an endless sea of characters wearing glasses.

6.  You and your friends play "Shoulder Bag Show-off." Winner points out the most shoulder bags touting a specific library name, or a book seller. Double points if the bag displays "famous" mascots like Penworthy Bear, or the Baker & Taylor cats. …


I am flummoxed with life these days. And equally flummoxed at how everything seems to happen all at once.

After 3 years of going after the Board about getting our building renovated and an addition done--a failed project started by the Director before me--we are so close, though I am learning this is an annoyingly long process with LOTS of stops and starts. We are in the hellish limbo of them meeting our budget, so we can post it for construction bids--we are hoping to do this in October. But, then again, we were hoping to do this in September, so who knows?

Just received notice from one of my staff that his last day is in a month. Normally fall is slow for us, but with the building project, a Library Renewal Levy on the November ballot (and the speaking engagements that go with that!), and the planning of our centennial activities for 2017, and all my "normal," I feel like I'm "drowning, and someone hands you a baby." (Jim Gaffigan)

On top of the work stress I…