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Effects of cutting funds to the Institute of Museum and Library Services

Just received this email from Ohio State Librarian, Beverly Cain.  Even if you're not from Ohio, it's worth the read.  Even if you're not a librarian, it's worth the read. 

The following message is sent on behalf of State Librarian Beverly Cain:

Dear Colleague,
The White House has released its new budget blueprint, an advisory document that proposes increases in spending to military programs and national security, coupled with major decreases to—or the complete elimination of—many programs supporting museum and library services, scientific data and research, human health, and environmental safety; social uplift, education, and protection for the poor; international diplomacy, cooperation, and aid; and the arts, culture, and history. The House and Senate will now begin offering their own budget resolutions, and a long process of negotiation—informed by the will of the people, as expressed to our elected representatives—will ultimately result in Appropriations Comm…

job hunting in 2017

The last time I was job hunting was 2012, and while that wasn't that long ago, it seems it.

I am a firm believer that you should update your resume every 4-6 months, including every speaking engagement, lecture, paper published, etc., so that when you are ready to job hunt you won't be stuck scratching your head about the details of what you've done since *insert year here.

On the other hand it's the cover letters--I've sent out at least 25-30 since I began my job search in September--that are giving me grief. I found some interesting articles this weekend and thought I would pass them along in case you are too!

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