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This is too funny to not share. This is an honest to God email we received from Wayne State's Listserv for the Library Science Dept.

A hotwheels watch was left in the LIS computer lab, if it is yours please stop by 314.4 to claim it!"
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
106 KresgeDetroit, MI

Oh, and I found somebody's Captain Kangaroo lunchbox the other day in the bathroom, so please stop by to claim that too. What is this person 6?!! When did they let Doogie Howser into the program?

We Librarian's are an odd bunch.

I wonder if the person is going to claim it. I would be too embarassed. However...if you wear a Hot Wheels watch to your Master's Program how much pride can you really have?

Misadventures awarded the Golden Delete Key Award

I am proud to announce that I received the Golden Delete Key from the Effing Librarian. According to Effing:

"The Golden Delete Key Award goes to bloggers who don't suck. It's for anyone who knows enough to hit "delete" rather than to post worthless crap."

Thanks Effing! Made my day!

partying like rock stars and saying goodbye to a singleton

This past weekend was nuts.

Not like, "Oh my God, I had to go to my church BBQ Saturday and it was so busy all day, what with the cake walk and the BINGO for knitted doilies."

No, it was rock star nuts!

It did not stop. Friday after work I headed home for a short siesta (true rock star tip) so I wasn't exhausted later that night. First I had to go to a dinner picnic in the park. From there I headed over to friend Katie's apartment for a housewarming party. This is where the rock star in all of us first showed up.

The theme for the party was 1980's, and as I wandered amongst examples of 80's hair bands, girls in neon colors and those whorey 80s skirts and found friend Chris who was wearing the Michael Jackson jacket (but in blue) with tight jeans and a Piston's Championship t-shirt from the 80s which he wore when he was a kid. I didn't actually wear any 80s attire since I had the craziest week so I had to wear a nametag all night that said, "Hi, my na…

the Culps and more at the library this summer

As I may or may not have mentioned before, as a Children's Librarian, working your first Summer Reading program is sort of like an initiation of sorts. The process begins months in advance and ends with the final end of summer reading party.

This year's Summer Reading program was short, only 5 weeks, which have flown by and leave me astonished with the fact that this weekend is August! Thinking about the end of this most crazy of summers, I thought I would share some interesting things I experiences this summer at the library.

An Entymologist, who brought in bugs, alive and dead. I was dissapointed that she did not bring any bugs that could be taken out of their cages. We had had one come to a previous job and I was able to hold a giant millipede and a tarantula (not one of my finer moments, as I am terrified of spiders). Obviously there were too many kids to do that, but it would have been cool if she had some bugs she could have held up for the kids to see.

Bug Predators from a…

library etiquette #106

This is from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette:

Every library's personnel roster should include someone to fill each of the following character roles: the village idiot the insecure scholar the Pollyanna the skanky slut the pretty oneIt is recommended to write these roles into people's job descriptions so that you don't end up with more than one idiot.I would also like to add some other players, so no one is left out. the dumper (the buck doesn't stop here! It bureaucractically gets passed on)the constant coffee drinker/heavy breather (not always the same person, but usually there is a correlation)the everything critic (so glad you loved that rerun of Family Guy. Excuse me if I don't laugh while you botch up the joke and the impression of Stewie's voice.)

a case of the Mondays

Peter Gibbons (Office Space): "Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday, and you're not feelin' real well, does anyone ever say to you, 'Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays'?"

Thoughts on a Monday:
Ugh! Didn't get good sleep. (This after waking up for the umpteenth day sweating. There is zero breeze in my room. I can't get the fan to point any way useful except on my feet. And Roomie M won't let us turn on the f *$&#!ng air. Her reasons aren't environmental, hers are because she is cheap. I am an environmentalist, but the last few weeks I think, "f$*# the polar bears!" Why won't Toby lick the yogurt off the floor!? Argh. Now I really have to clean it up. I can't find one of my favorite earrings!! Double Argh!This Fiber One yogurt is so good. Although...I don't think I'd eat a lot and then go on a roller coaster. Free pizza at work?! Dieting sucks.This crust is so good. No one needs to know. Now…

Detroiters and talking Jesus in the Sydney news

Thought this was cool. Some friends and a priest, whose masses I attend every once in a while, made it into the Sydney news for the World Youth Day festivities.

Shout out to my peeps! Safe travels friends!! Wish I could have gone...I love Sydney.

all is right in the world

Had a freakout moment on Monday with my car Harry. Thought my clutch was going and clutches aren't cheap!! So, after a frantic call to my mechanic bro A3 and some calls to transmission shops around I made two appts for free inspections. Had those to dread on Wednesday.

But, before then I went in to see my friend G.C. for a trial run of a hairdo, since he is doing my hair for a friends' wedding next weekend. There is something about someone else washing and brushing your hair that is SO relaxing. So, after some fun time spent at Daniel's Salon (Rochester Hills--it is lovely. Check it out if you are ever in that area). G.C. and I went and had dinner at Bastone's in Royal Oak! Que divinity! The food was excellent and the bartender even mixed me this lovely vodka, pomegranate and cranberry wonder. My week was improving!

The dreaded inspections began on Wednesday. The first place wanted $850 to gut my transmission and trouble shoot. I left very discouraged and trying to figur…

the fatkins diet

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week dieting. I have lovingly named it the "Fatkins Diet." Roomie M and I started a bet: whoever loses more weight by October 12th gets $100 and theater tickets from the loser. (I want to go see Madam Butterfly.)

It is going well. I have already dropped 12 lbs this week. I know there is a skinny person in there somewhere trying to get out.

Losing weight is like trying to quit smoking. You have terrible cravings for the bad things that you were eating that taste so good. I gave up Coke (the drink, not the snortable kind. I mean I never did that kind anyway) and fastfood and starchy, comfort foods like potatoes and bread and pasta and red meat (which I am only going to eat in small quantities) and have replaced those tasty things with obscene amounts of fresh veggies and fruits, hummus, boca burgers, chicken (I dislike chicken) and lots of other not-as-fun-as-doritos things.

So for those of you fellow dieters (who are now also impossible to go o…

feeding the kids dirt?

Today was my second "weekly session" of Summer Reading, since we had July 4th week off. My boss' group (earlier this week) had nearly doubled in size from the last meeting to this one, so I figured that my group size might also increase. Since my first two classes totaled over 110 kids, I thought that I would plan for at least 125 kids this week. That would normally be fine, because it would usually mean that I might have made some extra art projects which I would just put out as take-home extras, but this week was yummy bugs, where we got to make and eat insects...which means LOTS OF EXTRAS!!

It was a really fun day. After playing "Hot spider (based on "Hot potato") my kids made oreo spiders (recipe below) and then we all sat down and enjoyed "Dirt cups and Worms," (recipe below--I winged it a little) which I had made yesterday. We finished by playing "I spy with my bug eye," and "Red light, green light." It was a great day. A…

pranked at the library?

I was prank called on Monday while I was working Reference. Right before my sister A1 came in to pick out some books for Monster Niece and Nephew. (Yeah for reading! I got Monster Niece really into read-along book/cd sets).

So, I told my sister that I was pranked and she asked me if the kids asked me if, "The books were running," (like the dreaded refrigerator). I think she is worse than the kids.

cowboys and Carrot Top...all things American

As I sat under a clear, cloudless sky on July 4th I looked across a lake at displays of fireworks all across the shore line and marveled at the fact that the Fourth of July is something that most people here in the United States celebrate.
And why shouldn't we celebrate? We live in a country where we are free to worship, speak, publish, act freely. A country of abundance, sometimes excessive decadence. The country which gave the world apple pie, American cowboys, the world's largest can of spinach, Jazz music, Carrot Top, baseball, the Civil War, Saturday Night Fever, American Gothic, Mark Twain and the Justice League America. Ah, how magnificent. I love history, and I love taking out my old history textbooks and reading about early U.S. history to commemorate the date each year. In a letter to Abigail, John Adams wrote: "The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding …

life is good

The library last week was good.

A week off from Summer Reading program meant damage control for next week when the chitlins come back; I am now up to 212 kids for my K-2nd grade programs and have no flipping idea of how many to actually expect at the weekly programs. The library was busy this week; people gearing up for vacations, checking out materials—and that is a good thing. I am frantically trying to get a lot of reading done for the Summer Adult reading program. We are playing Bingo, reading books by genre. My goal is to have three more done by the end of the weekend. We’ll see how that goes. I already got roped into watching Monster Nephew A on Thursday and then best friend K came over for dinner and movie night with Roomie M and I.

First movie: Charlie Bartlett, which was a funny look at one high school boys attempt to be well liked which leads to him becoming the high school shrink and procurer of pills to meet everyone’s needs. As my roommate M put it, “I’d don’t need to see …