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This is too funny to not share. This is an honest to God email we received from Wayne State's Listserv for the Library Science Dept.

A hotwheels watch was left in the LIS computer lab, if it is yours please stop by 314.4 to claim it!"
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
106 KresgeDetroit, MI

Oh, and I found somebody's Captain Kangaroo lunchbox the other day in the bathroom, so please stop by to claim that too. What, is this person 6?!! When did they let Doogie Howser into the program?

We Librarian's are an odd bunch.

I wonder if the person is going to claim it. I would be too embarassed. However...if you wear a Hot Wheels watch to your Master's Program how much pride can you really have?

partying like rock stars

This past weekend was nuts.

Not like, "Oh my God, I had to go to my church BBQ Saturday and it was so busy all day, what with the cake walk and the BINGO for knitted doilies."

No, it was rock star nuts!

It did not stop. Friday after work I headed home for a short siesta (true rock star tip) so I wasn't exhausted later that night. First I had to go to a dinner picnic in the park. From there I headed over to friend Katie's apartment for a housewarming party. This is where the rock star in all of us first showed up.

The theme for the party was 1980's, and as I wandered amongst examples of 80's hair bands, girls in neon colors and those whorey 80s skirts and found friend Chris who was wearing the Michael Jackson jacket (but in blue) with tight jeans and a Piston's Championship t-shirt from the 80s which he wore when he was a kid. I didn't actually wear any 80s attire since I had the craziest week so I had to wear a nametag all night that said, "Hi, m…

the Culps at the Library

As I may or may not have mentioned before, as a Children's Librarian, working your first Summer Reading program is sort of like an initiation of sorts. The process begins months in advance and ends with the final end of summer reading party.

This year's Summer Reading program was short, only 5 weeks, which have flown by and leave me astonished with the fact that this weekend is August! Thinking about the end of this most crazy of summers, I thought I would share some interesting things I experiences this summer at the library.

An Entymologist, who brought in bugs, alive and dead. I was dissapointed that she did not bring any bugs that could be taken out of their cages. We had had one come to a previous job and I was able to hold a giant millipede and a tarantula (not one of my finer moments, as I am terrified of spiders). Obviously there were too many kids to do that, but it would have been cool if she had some bugs she could have held up for the kids to see.

Bug Predators from…

feeding the kids dirt?

Today was my second "weekly session" of Summer Reading, since we had July 4th week off. My boss' group (earlier this week) had nearly doubled in size from the last meeting to this one, so I figured that my group size might also increase. Since my first two classes totaled over 110 kids, I thought that I would plan for at least 125 kids this week. That would normally be fine, because it would usually mean that I might have made some extra art projects which I would just put out as take-home extras, but this week was yummy bugs, where we got to make and eat insects...which means LOTS OF EXTRAS!!

It was a really fun day. After playing "Hot spider (based on "Hot potato") my kids made oreo spiders (recipe below) and then we all sat down and enjoyed "Dirt cups and Worms," (recipe below--I winged it a little) which I had made yesterday. We finished by playing "I spy with my bug eye," and "Red light, green light." It was a great day. …