This is too funny to not share. This is an honest to God email we received from Wayne State's Listserv for the Library Science Dept.

A hotwheels watch was left in the LIS computer lab, if it is yours please stop by 314.4 to claim it!"
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
106 KresgeDetroit, MI

Oh, and I found somebody's Captain Kangaroo lunchbox the other day in the bathroom, so please stop by to claim that too. What is this person 6?!! When did they let Doogie Howser into the program?

We Librarian's are an odd bunch.

I wonder if the person is going to claim it. I would be too embarassed. However...if you wear a Hot Wheels watch to your Master's Program how much pride can you really have?


TSOldtimer said…
Hmm. What's embarrassing about a Hotwheels watch? It's not like somebody left a pair of underwear with muppets on it in the lab.


I would totally NOT retrieve my Scooby-Doo undies from the library. I would probably move out of state, actually.
TSOldtimer said…
Hmm, I tried to comment on this post a while ago. I wonder what happened.

Did it have something to do with incriminating undergarments? Hmm???
A. You strike me more as a Mighty Mouse undies kinda guy. Not Scooby Doo!

B. Come on, Hotwheels!? That is so 80s. The rage is all Transformers these days!

C. I was gonna post, but haven't been online in a while!

D. I am taking the 5th with the Muppets underwear. Although that conversation that (may or may not have happened) concerning a grouch still makes me laugh outloud...AWKWARDLY!
P.S. Fitting profile picture isn't it?

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