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After reading this article the nice librarian in me says, "Yay! Teens asserting themselves!"

The mean librarian in me says: "Waa waa, picky teens! At least you have some books to read. #firstworldproblems
When I was your age it was all Sweet Valley High. Just shut the what up and be thankful there are books for you. You're right we won't call them 'YA' books anymore. We'll go w books for moody, hormone-y-not-quite-adults."

After this week the mean librarian is winning.


Running for Recovery

Going to be in Western Massachusetts October 4th?

Love to run?

Love great causes?

Come and support Gould Farm (the oldest therapeutic community in the United States), as they embark on their 5k Running for Recovery! Can't make it?! You can still support them, just check out the above link.

Thanks in advance!

For thus my Lord said to me: Go, station a watchman, let him tell what he sees

"For thus my Lord said to me:
Go, station a watchman, let him tell what he sees."  --Isiah, 21:6, New American Bible


I told myself to ease into.
I told yourself that it's not a sequel, it's a rough version.
I told myself it's full of the characters of my childhood (and second childhood), the characters I know as well as myself, and love so much I just have to travel alongside them again. On a new journey.
And yet I still prepared for the worst. And I wasn't disappointed.

There is no way this is all Harper Lee's doing--though her publisher would have us believe it's an early and very different draft of what later became To Kill a Mockingbird--this book reads so inconsistently, and only parts of it ring with Lee's voice--in the part featuring the flashback of the children and the Revival I couldn't help but smile and be momentarily lulled. There she is, now she'll take over the story, and it will come right...

 But the lack …