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mini breaks...not as cool as Bridget Jones'

I feel like I have been a million miles from technology as of late; much to keep me away from the computer especially this past weekend. K, Chris, bro A3 and I headed over to Saugutuck Saturday afternoon, after I got off of work, and the four of us were eventually met by A3’s best friend Eric and his wife Sherri. The weekend was so relaxing and such a nice wind down before what may prove to be a busy summer.

Saturday after we arrived and dropped our stuff off, we decided to pub crawl our way around town until Eric and Sherri could meet us—first stop: The Blue Moon Grille. The grille was a little bit more upscale than I think any of us were expecting. It is a beautiful restaurant with a huge, well-kept bar. If you are ever in Saugutuck, stopping by the Blue Moon Grille for a drink is a must. They make a good, strong pomegranate martini.

Two rounds later we bounced into the Saugutuck downtown and went to the Sand Bar—which all agreed was more our style—for four rounds of pool and a coup…

still here

Our internet is down at home so I have not been able to post much. I have not totally fallen off the planet, though lately I feel like I might get sucked into a black hole of activity. This was another crammed weekend while left me feeling that I had no weekend, and I have a sneaky hunch that this week will also feel a little stressful.

That said, I have amazing friends who at least make it feel better with phones calls that sound something like this.

"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
"Good. We're going to Saugatuck this weekend. I already talked to A3 (my bro) and Chris and they are in too."
"What!? I can't. I am really broke right now."
"I know. I got a cheap cabin and it's ok, it can be your graduation...and birthday present."
"Um...ok. But I am pitching in for the gas to get there." (It is 3 hrs each way).

So now I am looking forward to a busy week, but also many pleasant things to come.

tagged and it

Thanks Mummy for tagging me.

15 Things: facts, goals, and random.

1) Fact: I love orange lillies--and I don't mean tiger lillies, those are different! I mean just plain old orange day lillies.--I planted 7 over a decade ago at my parents' house and when I weeded them out two summers ago I counted over 115 bulbs.
2) Goal: To cry again as hard as I did when I was a kid. I think a rib cage shaking cry every once in a while is good for you. But, alas, I am emotionally stunted.
3) Random: If I were a vegetable I think I would be broccoli because then I would have a book named after me.
4) Fact: I am the youngest of four siblings. (2 boys, 2 girls--like the Brady Bunch sans Bobby and we really aren't missing out on much. But does that make me Jan? "Marsha Marsha Marsha!")
5) Goal: Publish a book before I turn 30.
6) Random: When I was 6 I was playing baseball and the ball hit my hand when I swung the bat. Two of my finger nails fell off.
7) Fact: I had enough…

library stuff #403

List of the Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2007 (per the American Library Association website):

1. "And Tango Makes Three," by Justin Richardson/Peter Parnell
Reasons: Anti-Ethnic, Sexism, Homosexuality, Anti-Family, Religious Viewpoint, Unsuited to Age Group

2. "The Chocolate War," by Robert Cormier
Reasons: Sexually Explicit, Offensive Language, Violence

3. "Olive's Ocean," by Kevin Henkes
Reasons: Sexually Explicit, Offensive Language

4. "The Golden Compass," by Philip Pullman
Reasons: Religious Viewpoint

5. "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," by Mark Twain
Reasons: Racism

6. "The Color Purple," by Alice Walker
Reasons: Homosexuality, Sexually Explicit, Offensive Language,

7. "TTYL," by Lauren Myracle
Reasons: Sexually Explicit, Offensive Language, Unsuited to Age Group

8. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," by Maya Angelou
Reasons: Sexually Explicit

9. "It's Perfectly Normal," by Robie Harris

the end of many things

Friday brought the end of the conference. I can honestly say that being an extrovert and not usually minding being around a lot of people, I nearly ran to my car—though I walked as maturely as I could to my car in my “business clothes,” got in and once out of ear shot cranked up the radio and sped off. Ah, yes. Being an adult is about those choices, eh?

After getting a little lost on my way home and making some very frustrated calls to Married K who google mapped me some new directions, I was on my way. After a brief stop at mi casa to change and repack I was off again, this time with my friend Stac. We headed out to Harrison Twp. to catch up with the rest of the Bachelorette party, and after a painful couple of hours of small talk at my friend Justine’s house we headed out for a night of bar hopping: too much alcohol all around, too much drama—how is it that girls can always cry and pour their hearts out when we are supposed to be having fun?—and a very tired me curled up in the back…

conference initiations

My absence from blogging was filled with such busyness that I don’t feel as though I have slept for about a week.

Last Wednesday I headed across the state to Grand Rapids for my first conference—Spring Institute, a Conference put on by the Michigan Library Association for Children’s and Young Adult Librarians from across the state. It was a really cool opportunity to get some new ideas for programming and art projects, do some social networking, listen to some really great guest speakers and even get some people-watching in—we librarians are a weird, socially retarded lot, I think.

The 2.5 hr. ride out to Grand Rapids was lovely. I took in the scenic pieces of countryside that can be found the farther west you drive. The untouched pieces of Michigan not too far north, still quiet in its farm splendor; freshly churned dark, rich fields waiting to yield crops; the lush smell of country seeping into the vents of the car and making me homesick for my old farm life, and smells of animals a…

my Cult Classics

In this blog I mentioned an article in the Telegraph listing their Top 50 Cult Classic Books. I decided to come up with my own list, still using their definition of "cult," which gives a wide berth in choosing the books on my list.

I loved parts of their definition so much that I had to share it here: "'What is a cult book? We tried and failed to arrive at a definition: books often found in the pockets of murderers; books that you take very seriously when you are 17; books whose readers can be identified to all with the formula “whacko"; books our children just won’t get…Cult books are somehow, intangibly, different from simple bestsellers – though many of them are that…They are different from books that have big new ideas – though many of them are that…In compiling our list, we were looking for the sort of book that people wear like a leather jacket or carry around like a totem. The book that rewires your head: that turns you on to psychedelics; makes you want …

Ascension Sunday

I finally gave my Graduation reflection at my church's Baccalaureate this morning--I was called to speak about Ascension Sunday. I am always surprised at the level of calm that a person can find when they really need it because I was nervous as hell.

I want to say thanks to Mummy Dearest, TSO, Amos, Andrea, best friend L and Father J for their pre-Mass readings and comments. The speech meant more to me for having input and I was able to incorporate a few suggestions into it, really making this a group effort.

I have put my final draft below.

Good morning. Let me first thank Father J for allowing me this opportunity and for L, for asking me and having faith in me even when I wasn't able to have faith in myself. Before I begin let me first say that as a Children's Librarian I serve more as a storyteller and a reader of children’s books, so please give me a wide berth when dealing with the Gospel.

This weekend we celebrate the ascension of Jesus into Heaven. Saint Augustine wro…

busy Friday and manic Saturday

Life never ceases to amaze me. This weekend fell together in a most unforseen fashion.

Work went well Friday. My Friday friends from the nearby school came and we read books about gardens. Between groups I worked on our VHS/DVD collection. We are taking all the pieces in the collection and relabeling them; i.e. going from "B" for Bambi to "BAM," so that things are easier to find without reading the entire label. I am also relabeling some of the pieces so there is a sense of conformity and a sensical approach to finding things. For example, Elmo movies have been under "E," while the rest of Sesame Street has been under "S." I have gone through putting things in like series all together so it is easier to find things. I hope this approach works. We shall see I suppose.

My friend Becca, from my previous life as a farmer, came for a short visit Friday night. She arrived Friday afternoon and we went for dinner with roomie M and her sister JillyBean. It…