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Thanks Mummy for tagging me.

15 Things: facts, goals, and random.

1) Fact: I love orange lillies--and I don't mean tiger lillies, those are different! I mean just plain old orange lillies.--I planted 7 over a decade ago at my parents' house and when I weeded them out two summers ago I counted over 115 bulbs.
2) Goal: To cry again as hard as I did when I was a kid. I think a rib cage shaking cry every once in a while is good for you. But, alas, I am emotionally stunted.
3) Random: If I were a vegetable I think I would be broccoli because then I would have a book named after me.
4) Fact: I am the youngest of four siblings. (2 boys, 2 girls--like the Brady Bunch sans Bobby and Cindy...so we really aren't missing out on much. But does that make me Jan? "Marsha Marsha Marsha!")
5) Goal: Publish a book before I turn 30.
6) Random: When I was 6 I was playing baseball and the ball hit my hand when I swung the bat. Two of my finger nails fell off.
7) Fact: I had enough credits my senior year that I "dual-enrolled" at UofM and took one class each semester. Since the school payed for the classes I didn't care about my grades (since I knew I wasn't going to go there for my BA), so I used to skip class and go see movies for free at the movie theater I worked for at the time.
8) Goal: To learn how to tap dance. I have always wanted to know how since I was really little.
9) Random: One nickname I someone once gave me, which I HATED, was "Nibbles." Thank you Bill Shein!
10) Fact: I really don't like clowns or when people have really small hands. I don't know what it is! (I am sorry if you are/have either!)
11) Goal: Pay off all my loans and other debts within the next 5 years! (Audible laughter is heard somewhere! Maybe there should be a "miracle" heading.)
12) Random: Sometimes things happen so "coincidentally" that I begin to wonder if my life really isn't like "The Truman Show." I swear I am not paranoid..."What was that!?!?"
13) Fact: I wish there were such things as "Existential Detectives," like in "I Heart Huckabees." I would hire them.
14) Goal: To travel to Alaska.
15) Random: I think that I will always be mystified by men; no matter how old I get, no matter how well I know them individually, they will never make sense to me.

I tag:
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Tony Kris said…
I accept your tag and responded in kind
What? a game? ok, I can play for a while. fact: I like to be warm, hate being cold or hot. goal: I'd like to be warm (friendly, likeable, generous). random: I love chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches. fact: I used to be really smart up to maybe age 15, then I stopped trying. I still don't try very hard. goal: to skydive. every time I bring it up, no one bites. how hard can it be? you just step out the side of the plane. random: I think I would like to juggle or play the piano or do something with my hands, but not enough to actually learn to do these things. fact: I am the middle boy of four girls. goal: to make some woman happy; to be a good guy. (that's something I try at.) random: I love flea markets and thrift stores. fact: I like to shop with women. Where else do you get to see them try on nice clothes and not just shuffle around the house in sweat pants? goal: sorry, just realized what time it is and I have some stuff I need to do... but I enjoyed our playtime!
Anonymous said…
LOL! I enjoyed reading your meme responses.


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