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Cicero and I disagree

It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgement. 
--Marcus Tullius Cicero

I'd take muscle, speed, and physical dexterity this week as I move yet again, for what will be my LAST move in Sticks! I'm leaving behind my awful 2 bedroom apartment and hillbilly neighbors for a 3 bedroom house in a nice, quiet neighborhood! Small town gossip and my awesome friend Jenny helped me find this gem! And I'm even renting from a former board members who's an absolute peach! And as if things aren't awesome enough already, my friend Kelly is on the next street over and we can see each other's houses from our back yards! Can we say summer parties?!

All that seems far away as I pack and pack, but at least I have a beautiful weekend of 40s & 50s temperatures to begin this journey.

Send me good vibes, good mojo, or prayers for patience this week as I coordinate moving.

And happy long weekend!

oh, John


awesome gifts for librarians and book lovers

Ok, ok, not every librarian wants uber nerdy swag for Christmas, but I do! These are some fun things I want. Know a nerdy, cool librarian? And looking for ideas too? Here goes:

Or for a full list of fun.

books by famous people

Ok, I have low expectations when I read the memoirs or essays written by actors, because though many of them are extremely talented and maybe even good writers, most are not.

I started Lena Dunham's new collection of essays, Not That Kind of Girl, a little hopeful because I enjoyed some of what she was trying to accomplish in the show Girls (though that show got on my nerves after 1 season), but just wound up feeling extremely annoyed the whole time I was reading NTKOG. I kept thinking, "but you are that kind of girl!"

Reading her book made me feel like I was sitting in on a bizarre therapy session that went on way too long. It reads unclearly, Dunham bouncing around with not always clear indicators of how things make sense. I used to have a 100 page rule: I would read the first 100 pages of a book even if I hated it. My time has grown more valuable to me and I now have a 40 page rule. I wanted to give up after 40 pages but I wanted to believe that Dunham would find her …

we spend evenings together

I haven't been a great sleeper since my Dad died over 7 years ago. It's like when he left us something broke inside of me. The nighttime is now when my mind becomes more active and my body tosses and turns like a petulant child, fighting fighting even though I'm exhausted. Some nights are easier than others, but lately things have been rough again. Trying pre-bed yoga, sleeptime tea, and reading myself tired. I am trying to enjoy the upswing of sleeplessness: the evenings spent in quiet, snuggling with my furball, Hemmy, wrapped in blankets, enjoying a view of the cold nights and bright moon and stars. I've even been slipping outside to smell the air. You know that smell. The pre-snow smell. 
My time with the moon led me back to Mary Oliver who always helps. She gets it...

"Moon and Water" I wake and spend the last hours of darkness withno one
but the moon. She listens to my complaints like the good
companion she is and comforts me surely with her light. But she, like eve…

library job postings: MI, WI, CT

Though I love my job I still read library job postings for a two reasons:
1. I am in the midst of re-writing our job descriptions, as they're outdated.
2. I update my resume every 6 months--I swear I'm not going anywhere!--I find it both a great way to make sure it is always fresh and want to make sure it's updated for the occasional times I've been asked to bring it to a meeting or presentation. Reading job postings always helps me refresh the language of my resume. And ok, if we're being honest, I'm curious about what's out there too!

I also remember that feeling of desperation, dashing all over the internet to find job postings when I was hunting for the right fit, so if I can share anything that might help others, why not?!

A bunch of library jobs posted via The Library Network, MI

A bunch of library jobs posted via INALJ Michigan, updated 11/13

Director, Detroit Public Library FRIENDS of the Library Foundation, MI

Director, Crawford County Library, MI


Ohio job posting

The Huron County Community Library has 2 Youth Programming Clerk positions available for immediate hire.  The positions are at separate locations (Greenwich and Willard), 25 hpw, $7.95 - $9.00 depending on experience.  Candidates with teen programming experience especially desirable.  We are a member of SEO, using the ILS Symphony WorkFlows.
Resumes received prior to November 15 will be given first consideration, please send to
Laura Lee Wilson, MLIS Library Director Huron County Community Library 6 West Emerald Street Willard, OH 44890 PH: 419-933-2544 FX: 419-933-4783

library money and maybe moving

I've been thinking about money a lot this week, especially as we're coming up on our 2 week long Holiday Silent Auction, which will run from Monday, November 24th - Saturday, December 6th. This is our 3rd Annual--I began it my first year, with only a month under my belt, seems crazy to think of that now!--so, I know it will fall together, but I'm still in worry mode. What if we don't get enough items donated? What if no one bids on our items? What if we don't raise enough money?! Last year we raised around $1,100 and $1,300 the year before that--money that helps pay for Summer Reading entertainers and program supplies.

So, to take my mind off the Auction, I've been researching more library grants. At a recent conference I was reminded again of a great resource, a listing that has many library grants. Especially as a small library, we are constantly reaching out, grasping at money to be had. That means we are always trying to apply for grants from:

scholarships for high school seniors

Thought I'd pass along this information, given to me by a colleague: know a high school senior looking for financial aid? Encourage them to apply for the Gates Millenium Scholars Program at:

Deadline is January 14, 2015, so don't delay!

BJ Novak and I are close

OMG! BJ Novak favorited my tweet!!! I feel so cool right now. I mean it could be his assistant, or maybe BJ Novak just systematically goes through and favorites anything where his name is mentioned, or something like that, but still feeling pretty crazy happy!
And speaking of crazy happy: Prairie Dawn is getting married TOMORROW! So excited for her and totally excited for Chicago Boy to come into town, and for us to get dressed up and go out. Yay Yay Yay!
Happy weekend!

pretty proud of being 2nd best!

Did you know that Ohio is ranked 2nd for the most STARRED LIBRARIES in the U.S,?! Only coming in second behind NY!! I'm pretty proud and thankful to work in a state that fights hard to make its libraries something to be proud of!

Ohioans LOVED libraries this election

Just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU! to Ohio voters! The fact that all but 3 library levies passed speaks volumes about this states dedication to education!


I made the conscious decision to not have a TV some years back and have stuck with it. Do I miss it? Hell yes. Especially living alone when I want nothing more than something to keep me company while I'm vegging out. I do music all the time, and yes, I do watch movies on my computer, so there is that. But, I've been craving something else lately, missing my long morning rides to work from so long ago, missing out on morning radio programs, so, I am FINALLY listening to podcasts on my phone and sweet Baby Jesus!! I LOVE  it!

Right now I am doing:
NPR The Moth Freakonomics RadioLab Wall Street Journal This American Life NPR Fresh Air NPR TED Radio Hour
Is there anything else I should be listening to? I would love suggestions!