I made the conscious decision to not have a TV some years back and have stuck with it. Do I miss it? Hell yes. Especially living alone when I want nothing more than something to keep me company while I'm vegging out. I do music all the time, and yes, I do watch movies on my computer, so there is that. But, I've been craving something else lately, missing my long morning rides to work from so long ago, missing out on morning radio programs, so, I am FINALLY listening to podcasts on my phone and sweet Baby Jesus!! I LOVE  it!

Right now I am doing:
  • NPR
  • The Moth
  • Freakonomics
  • RadioLab
  • Wall Street Journal
  • This American Life
  • NPR Fresh Air
  • NPR TED Radio Hour

Is there anything else I should be listening to? I would love suggestions!


Carolynne said…
Just peeking in - You should totally be listening to Wits, Thrilling Adventure Hour and Ask Me Another. Catching up with your blog makes me miss all of my Ohio library friends so, so much! I do declare that I will email soon to catch up further.
CAROLYNNE! Thanks for the suggestions! I miss you! Please let me know next time you're around Cleveland so I can pop in to see you. :)

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