library job postings: MI, WI, CT

Though I love my job I still read library job postings for a two reasons:
1. I am in the midst of re-writing our job descriptions, as they're outdated.
2. I update my resume every 6 months--I swear I'm not going anywhere!--I find it both a great way to make sure it is always fresh and want to make sure it's updated for the occasional times I've been asked to bring it to a meeting or presentation. Reading job postings always helps me refresh the language of my resume. And ok, if we're being honest, I'm curious about what's out there too!

I also remember that feeling of desperation, dashing all over the internet to find job postings when I was hunting for the right fit, so if I can share anything that might help others, why not?!

A bunch of library jobs posted via The Library Network, MI

A bunch of library jobs posted via INALJ Michigan, updated 11/13

Director, Detroit Public Library FRIENDS of the Library Foundation, MI

Director, Crawford County Library, MI

Library Director, Brown County Library, Green Bay, WI

Interim Assistant Library Director, Russell Library, Middletown, CT

Middle School Library Specialist, Windsor Public Schools, CT

Reference Services Internship, West Hartford Public Library, CT

Library Specialist, East Hartford Public Library, CT


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