library money and maybe moving

I've been thinking about money a lot this week, especially as we're coming up on our 2 week long Holiday Silent Auction, which will run from Monday, November 24th - Saturday, December 6th. This is our 3rd Annual--I began it my first year, with only a month under my belt, seems crazy to think of that now!--so, I know it will fall together, but I'm still in worry mode. What if we don't get enough items donated? What if no one bids on our items? What if we don't raise enough money?! Last year we raised around $1,100 and $1,300 the year before that--money that helps pay for Summer Reading entertainers and program supplies.

So, to take my mind off the Auction, I've been researching more library grants. At a recent conference I was reminded again of a great resource, a listing that has many library grants. Especially as a small library, we are constantly reaching out, grasping at money to be had. That means we are always trying to apply for grants from:
Dollar General

I mail out letters requesting prize donations for our summer reading program, I hit our local businesses and organizations for money. It always makes ends meet, so I need to not worry! I think I'm just trying to find something to worry about that makes me feel more productive than my current personal worry of moving again. I've been unhappy with my apartment and my neighbors and shouldn't have signed another year lease this summer, but also didn't want to move again during summer reading and with my trip to Europe looming. I am hoping to get things squared away soon, and maybe even be settled before Thanksgiving...? Yeah, that's super wishful thinking.

If anyone knows of any other grants put them in the comments. And if you have a fairy Godmother who wants to move all my shit let me know!


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