still here

Our internet is down at home so I have not been able to post much. I have not totally fallen off the planet, though lately I feel like I might get sucked into a black hole of activity. This was another crammed weekend while left me feeling that I had no weekend, and I have a sneaky hunch that this week will also feel a little stressful.

That said, I have amazing friends who at least make it feel better with phones calls that sound something like this.

"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
"Good. We're going to Saugatuck this weekend. I already talked to A3 (my bro) and Chris and they are in too."
"What!? I can't. I am really broke right now."
"I know. I got a cheap cabin and it's ok, it can be your graduation...and birthday present."
"Um...ok. But I am pitching in for the gas to get there." (It is 3 hrs each way).

So now I am looking forward to a busy week, but also many pleasant things to come.


Anonymous said…
Glad you're still here! Have a good holiday weekend.


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