mini breaks...not as cool as Bridget Jones', but still really good

I feel like I have been a million miles from technology as of late; much to keep me away from the computer especially this past weekend. K, Chris, bro A3 and I headed over to Saugutuck Saturday afternoon, after I got off of work, and the four of us were eventually met by A3’s best friend Eric and his wife Sherri. The weekend was so relaxing and such a nice wind down before what may prove to be a busy summer.

Saturday after we arrived and dropped our stuff off, we decided to pub crawl our way around town until Eric and Sherri could meet us—first stop: The Blue Moon Grille. The grille was a little bit more upscale than I think any of us were expecting. It is a beautiful restaurant with a huge, well-kept bar. If you are ever in Saugutuck, stopping by the Blue Moon Grille for a drink is a must. They make a good, strong pomegranate martini.

Two rounds later we bounced into the Saugutuck downtown and went to the Sand Bar—which all agreed was more our style—for four rounds of pool and a couple more rounds of drinks. A little hole in the wall bar that is smoky and offers very few things aesthetically pleasing, but still a fun place to stop, complete with a couple pool tables and a juke box playing eclectic hits; a middle class must.

We finally settled down for dinner at the The Mermaid, deciding to sit out on the patio, overlooking the marina and the sun setting in purple and orange stripes across a cool May sky. The food here was delicious, the service great and the sunset view over the water lovely. Eric and Sherri arrived in time for us all to hop to a karaoke bar for a while before we headed back to our cabin.

Sunday after breakfast we spent a part of the day lying on the beach drinking and talking. The water was still too cool for swimming which made seeing some brave little kids running out to hop into the water all the more impressive. It felt wonderful to just lay around and listen to the sound of the water, an occasional boat, gulls sweeping through scavenging for food; leaving all that was extremely difficult and made the return to the city even harder today. After a return to the Mermaid for dinner again we headed back to the cabin for some relaxing outside and drinking games as the sky grew darker and darker around us. It was one of those nights where you laugh until it hurts as the games become more ridiculous and the night ends sitting around and debating things based in philosophy and existentialism. Good times.

Monday—Memorial Day we spent wandering like bums through Saugutuck, eating at the White House (which apparently just began serving breakfast—no worth the visit for that, though apparently dinner there is phenomenal) and then walking along the marina, admiring the millions of dollars in boats parked at every dock, possibly parked until next weekend. Our last day of our mini break and the weather was more than cooperative with a temperature in the 80s and a bright sun ensuring we all went home with new shades of spring pinks which will give birth to brown skin and freckles. I laid in the grass next to the marina, under the shade of a huge tree draping over and stared at the sky through my shifting overhead green visor. Why couldn’t it be as rainy and dreary as it had been that morning when we crawled into bed at 2:30am to the sounds of thunder and the sky searing yellows of lightning? It would have been easier to depart from this beautiful well-kept secret of Michigan.

Coming home we were all a little quieter than we had been on the ride up as though we were all too tired to talk much and maybe all in our heads a little, thinking about the beautiful things we’d seen, maybe favorite stories that had come out the weekend. Aah…mini breaks! Now, I am returned.


Rakstar said…
I think to be as cool as Bridget, you have to call it a mini-holiday. :)

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