the Culps at the Library

As I may or may not have mentioned before, as a Children's Librarian, working your first Summer Reading program is sort of like an initiation of sorts. The process begins months in advance and ends with the final end of summer reading party.

This year's Summer Reading program was short, only 5 weeks, which have flown by and leave me astonished with the fact that this weekend is August! Thinking about the end of this most crazy of summers, I thought I would share some interesting things I experiences this summer at the library.

An Entymologist, who brought in bugs, alive and dead. I was dissapointed that she did not bring any bugs that could be taken out of their cages. We had had one come to a previous job and I was able to hold a giant millipede and a tarantula (not one of my finer moments, as I am terrified of spiders). Obviously there were too many kids to do that, but it would have been cool if she had some bugs she could have held up for the kids to see.

Bug Predators from a nearby science center. This was a cool (and very packed program). We were able to see things like a from, bats and my favorite (an owl).

Bug Hunt throughout the library. We handed out sheets with clues on them. Each clue forced the families to get to know our library, as we hid 12 giant rubber bugs throughout the Adult, YA Children's, and Circulation sections of the library.

A magic show, which I missed but heard it was a fun program.

Local performers (who I shall call Mr. G and Lady Q to protect their indentity) and who made Marty and Bobbi-Mohan Culp look hip. No joke. It was an almost-hour long performance that made me laugh hysterically in the back of the room with my hand over my face. Laughing because, it was that bad.

This week, besides our normal weekly group is "our last one, our last one, our last one!" (Imagine me jumping up and down like a freak screaming this!), I am also showing A Bug's Life to go with our summer thing of bugs. Then Saturday is our end of year party complete with this bad ass pinata of a butterfly that I found at Target. NICE!

Just hope that our softball championship Saturday morning doesn't run over on time since the party is that afternoon. Hope I have time to shower after the games...or else, I might have to change the name of my blog to the Sweaty Librarian. YUCKO!!


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