partying like rock stars and saying goodbye to a singleton

This past weekend was nuts.

Not like, "Oh my God, I had to go to my church BBQ Saturday and it was so busy all day, what with the cake walk and the BINGO for knitted doilies."

No, it was rock star nuts!

It did not stop. Friday after work I headed home for a short siesta (true rock star tip) so I wasn't exhausted later that night. First I had to go to a dinner picnic in the park. From there I headed over to friend Katie's apartment for a housewarming party. This is where the rock star in all of us first showed up.

The theme for the party was 1980's, and as I wandered amongst examples of 80's hair bands, girls in neon colors and those whorey 80s skirts and found friend Chris who was wearing the Michael Jackson jacket (but in blue) with tight jeans and a Piston's Championship t-shirt from the 80s which he wore when he was a kid. I didn't actually wear any 80s attire since I had the craziest week so I had to wear a nametag all night that said, "Hi, my name is JERK!" Nice. So glad when brother A3 showed up wearing a mullet wig with a tuxedo t-shirt and jeans. I laughed so hard. It was classy WT 80s look...though I swear I saw a similar outfit on a man not too long ago when I was out on the East side. Everyone looked awesome.

We partied all night, playing beer pong until we couldn't drink beer any more. We danced to the best 80s IPod playlist ever. We had deep conversations outside until the early hours of Saturday morning. And we even got a noise violation from the cops, who showed up at 3am with a complaint from the neighbors. We partied like rock stars, that is, until we all passed out watching The Wedding Singer. My favorite part was when Chris tried to nudge me (thinking I was awake) during my favorite part of the movie. His nudge startled me, so I dumped the drink I fell asleep holding onto the guy next to me's (who was snoring like a bear) lap. He jumped up and shouted and woke everyone back up. It was a pretty comical chain of events, like that game mouse trap, or something.

Saturday A3 woke me up (thank God--I would have slept all day) at 7am so I could head home. After a quick shower I did some early morning shopping at the Rochester Farmer's Market. Why? Why not? It was so lovely to be wandering around, buying fresh produce.

Grabbed Starbucks for two and headed to my 9:30am appt. with G.C. An hour and a half later I walked out with an updo that would make the Greek Goddesses look down with wonder. G.C. did a lovely job. Flew home and got the rest of the way ready; changed and make-up'ed by roomie M and then awaited Chris' arrival.

We were late for the wedding which was way out in the thumb (think of our Michigan "mitten" geography), near Algonac, but we made it. The church was this beautiful old-style Catholic church, complete with domed ceiling and glorious paintings of the Apostles, but all that received less attention than the fact that it was hot as the blazes of Hell in there. It is hard to imagine Heaven when you are sitting in your seat sweating as though you are in the fiery chasms of HELL!

After making our way back to Roseville and killing some time the Reception began. The wedding was for an Undergrad friend Justine, one of the OU 7N Girls (5 of us girls who stayed in touch since meeting in 2000). Justine looked beautiful, glowing in that most resplendent way that brides often do. And though I was sad to say goodbye to another possible Singleton, I was glad for Justine & Tom and the new life they are beginning. Seems like I will be saying goodbye to a lot of previously-Singleton friends in the next year with the half dozen or so weddings I will be attending. *Sigh* The Reception was fun, the food delicious, and the music fairly entertaining.

Getting home early Sunday morning--and after a long chat with Chris--I let out a huge exhalation. This rock star was calling it a night and looking forward to doing something rock stars do best; sleeping late on Sunday, blinds drawn, seemingly dead to the world.


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