so MUCH is happening


SO. MUCH. IS. HAPPENING! But I am staying eerily calm...ok, I freaked out a little back in November, but have been Zen-ing my way to peace the last couple weeks. So, ChicagoBoy and I have been talking marriage for a while now, and...
  • My ring is being designed as we speak!
  • We've picked a date! LESS THAN 11 months away!
  • We've booked my church and talked to my (now retired) Priest, who's agreed to marry us!
  • We paid the deposit on the restaurant where we're having the Reception
  • And we think we've figured out how to have a chill Rehearsal Dinner
  • I've been going to interviews around ChicagoLand and HAVE A 2nd INTERVIEW this WEEK! I am so hopeful!
Life is so exciting right now. And a little scary as I creep closer into this limbo zone of not quite knowing.

Ok, guys, you got all the dirt before anyone else did, so keep it on the D.L. Ok?


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