do you want the truth or my practiced answer? On Interview questions

On my way out the door to an interview.

It is for a part-time Children's position at a library @ 25 mins from my house.

I hope they don't ask me why I want to work at their library--I always get that question--I might have to respond, "Well, I am really looking for a full time position that has benefits and where I might work at something that I am actually interested in, but I really need to pay the bills so I applied here." EVIL.

Wish me luck!


Tony Kris said…
That reminds me a lot of my interview for my own library job.

My mental reponse to that dread question:
"This looks like I'm somewhat using my degree while I apply to grad school. Don't expect me to be around for long"

I also had to dodge questions from the powers that be about going full-time while I was waiting for application responses. That wasn't much fun either.

Good Luck though
JennPav said…
Ahhhh, I know your frustration well.
Thanks Tony Kris.

Jenny-ARGH! I hate this process.
tizzy said…
You can do it! The whole finding a job thing is a sucky process. I say, apply for a job you don't necessarily want, get the interview, answer the questions how you actually feel and see if you get the job. If it works, then try it at a job you want :-p Ohh... interviewing. Good Luck! I hope to see on here real soon that you've found your most perfect job and are happily settling in.

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