2 interviews in a week--I might be on to something

Still have not heard back about the part-time Children's position...maybe the interviewer accidentally came across my last blog and put 2 and 2 together, as we say in the library world. Still waiting...

I received a call on Wednesday from another public library even closer to my house, though this position is also part-time. ARGH! I want a full-time position, but I guess I have to continue to "pay my dues" this way until something better comes along. This position is for Adult Reference, (at least what I actually want to be doing!) .

Sent another batch of resumes out again today. *audible sigh*

Well, it is just after 5pm, so the work day is over. Looking forward to the weekend! We are all doing some more work sorting through some of our stuff (lots of cleaning since Dad died). Also, celebrating my brother A3's 29th birthday this Saturday. Family meal at some point--breakfast or dinner? And then A3 and a bazillion friends are going out for a night on the town--Royal Oak-fun times! Happy Weekend ya'll!

Oh, yeah, in other news, came across the link to this article: Detroit Libraries while reading the bi-monthly "Libraries Direct" email post.


my first library job was 200 miles from home (family). I didn't know anyone there, but I needed to work, and I stayed there for six years...
I mentioned you on my page. (Let me know if you mind and I'll remove it.)

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