interview responses--take notes

My interview yesterday went well, ending rather abruptly. It was for a Children's part-time Librarian position. I had planned a story time, complete with the book I was going to read, as well as activities that I was going to "use" with the book, etc. After all of the interviewers questions were answered, etc., she thanked me for my time. "Wouldn't you like me to read the book," (which is what some librarians will have you do in the interview so they get a sense of your reading with audience, etc.--also what she told me to plan on doing for my interview).
"No, I'm sure you can read."
Her response actually caught me off guard.
I wasn't sure if I should take her reponse as a vote of confidence, or as a response that she wanted me out of there as soon as possible...

Although, she did email me later and ask for my references, so maybe it was a vote of confidence...though I won't get my hopes up.

As I continue to send out more resumes and cover letters and further prepare myself for interviews, I have spent some time thinking about answers to the dreaded interview questions. I have come up with a list of responses that first come to mind when I am asked said questions:

What kind of position are you looking for when you graduate?
Ideally a job where I sit in an office all day where I can avoid the general public, while still getting paid a ridiculous amount of money.
Why did you decide to apply for this position?
I need a job that can pay the bills while I search for the job that I actually want.
How would you characterize your supervisory style?
I yell a lot. I also am really good at making this angry face, complete with Harry Potter-esque-quasi-lightning boltish-anger line. I used to be able to make kids cry just by staring at them for a minute.
What experience do you have dealing with academic scholars?
Are those the whiny people that came into the library I used to work? The ones that carried backpacks with pockets for their Evian, Ipods, and cell phones, and who were notorious for saying things like, "But this paper is due tomorrow and I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING." But, all I heard was "blah blah blah...neur fleur." Yeah, I have some experience with them.
What is your experience with automated systems and with computers in general?
I use an abacus.
You have just had a short tour of this library. Did any aspect or anything you saw or heard about this library surprise you? Would you change anything about this library?
Yeah, what was with that homeless man passed out in a puddle of his own vomit...? Um...? Is that normal at this library?
Why do you think more students are going into public services than technical services?
Carpotunnel syndrome, also, I would guess that many people think that it is easier to work with people than computers...but that is a lie...a lie I believed when I started working in this field.
Tell us about your experience with online searching.
I can find that video My new haircut on, so "I'm pretty good I guess."
What courses (college/graduate school) did you find most satisfying? Least satisfying? Why?
If I enjoyed any of if that much wouldn't I still be there...?
What would you say there is about you that has accounted for your fine progress to date?
Fine progress...really? I want to thank my family...God...and of course the Academy.
What traits or qualities do you feel could be strengthened or improved?
Really? Just tell me what you want me to say so I can get the job. Ok?


Amy said…
genius! simply genius!
JennPav said…
I would hire you.
Miss Cellaneous said…
That's great. . I'll have to keep the in mind for my interview on Monday :)
Kt said…
I'm late to the party, I know, but I love it! I can totally, *totally* see you making kids cry just by staring at them. I think I've seen you do that to a few adults, too.
Anonymous said…

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