a nuclear war feel good story

Interview Wednesday morning went well. I interviewed for another Children’s/YA Librarian position. I am so tired of and bored with the interview process. Upon sharing this fact with a former boss and friend, Flava Flav, he began talking about how the interview process and all of these interviews are good practice for that one interview which will lead to your dream job. While I appreciate any advice that is free for the most part, that still doesn’t change the fact that I hate interviews. While preparing for the usual, repetitive and altogether uncreative questions my mind wanders to all of the highly inappropriate responses I could use. That is why I love my dearest friends…they help me come up with some good ones too.

Upon sharing my interview frustrations with my friend Amos the other night, we came up with some new responses.

Q: “What are your weaknesses?” To which we decided I should respond,

A: “Well, my weaknesses include cottage cheese, dark chocolate and men over 40.” (My roommate M added an open bottle of Vodka to this list.)

Q: “Uh huh, and what would you say are some of your strengths?” To which we decided I should respond,

A: “You might say that while one of my weaknesses is my attraction to men of a certain age, this can also be one of my strengths in that I can use that fact when dealing with some of our older male patrons.”

Ah, yes, friends are the people who make us feel less…awkward?
Should hear back from that job in another week or so as to whether I have to have a second interview or not. *SIGH*

Tuesday after work I had a meeting of the leadership team for my church’s 3rd Hunger Banquet. A Hunger Banquet is an event that is sponsored to raise awareness as well as funds for the cause of worldwide hunger. When attendees show up they are given a “personality,” in essence a piece of paper which tells you who you are for the evening, i.e. “Your name is Jose, you are a campesino farmer in El Salvador and the father of four. Though you work everyday from sun-up to sun-down you can barely feed your family.” (Something along those lines.) This also defines what “world society,” (if you will) you are, i.e. you can live in a first world society like the U.S., second world, third world. What “world society” you are assigned determines where you will sit: first world citizens (there is only one to demonstrate the vast minority of people own a good majority of the world’s money) sit at a table and have a good dinner, while second and third world citizens sit on the floor and have a different meal depending on what “world society” they fall into.

If you have never been to something like a Hunger Banquet you should really try to attend one. They are not only a profound experience, but also very interesting depending on the speaker. Dr. Alan Epstein, a Political Science professor at Oakland University will be our guest speaker; our Hunger Banquet will be taking place at Oakland University, Wednesday, February 13th, at 6:30pm in the Gold Rooms of the Oakland Center. The cost is a suggested $5 for non OU students and a suggested donation for students. So if you are in the area please join us. (Just a teeny plug there!)

After that I attended a Q & A discussion with Detroit Bishop Daniel Flores. We discussed many topics, one of them being religious censorship of materials, the example of The Golden Compass came up, and I had to bite my tongue hard not to say anything. It was also interesting to hear his opinion about a moral consciousness that we should all strive to have as voters, no matter what our religious affiliations are. Much to consider these days since it is an election year: the candidates, the alleged looming Recession and economy, the always present issues. So much to think about and discussions like the one we had offer some illumination.

Speaking of illumination, I saw the movie “Everything is Illuminated,” with Elijah Wood. Interesting movie…I find I am watching a lot of movies as of late because all of the books I am reading right now are heavy or slow moving. I am reading: The Diary of Anne Frank (save your shocked outcries at the fact that I have never read it before), The Lives of Girls and Women, and If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts.

Well, I should go for now…I am watching “Testament,”—a 1980s Debbie Downer about life after nuclear bombs are dropped in America—as I write this the movie’s starting to get good…by good I mean more depressing. See what I mean about avoiding the books I am reading…


Nabeel said…
I once said M&Ms at a job interview when asked, "what is your weakness". And yes that's a great movie .. unfortunately i haven't seen it yet .. i've rented it twice but still haven't seen it .. tsk @ me

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