Named after the Patron Saint of Vino

St. Amandus-June 18

Amandus lived in the latter 4th and early 5th century. We learn about him from St. Paulinus of Nola. St. Amandus instructed St. Paulinus when the later was preparing for baptism. They developed a deep friendship and it is through their letters that we come to know Amandus. Amandus was well versed in Scripture which greatly nourished his relationship with God. He was ordained a priest by St. Delphinus.

In the year 400 when Delphinus died, Amandus was appointed Bishop of Bordeaux. He carried out his office with great piety and zeal for the service of God. He resigned his office and St. Severinus was appointed to take his place. After the death of Severinus, St. Amandus was prevailed upon to take up this office again. His death is believed to have occurred about the year 431. St. Paulinus of Nola states that, "Amandus served God from his infancy and always remained uncontaminated by carnal sin." Gregory of Tours writes, "...If you wish to see Bishops worthy of God, you have only to look at...Amandus of Bordeaux..."

Now I know why I am such a Whino-I am named after the Patron saint from Wine Country. And what is this bit about letting Severus Snape take over my post? Oh, and I am not even going to touch the part about carnal sin.

This was put together for me by Catholicland. Thanks! This is the saint that I am allegedly named after, though I think my parents really only needed another A name.

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Mummy Dearest said…
Ok, Amandus. HAHAHAHAHAH! Very interesting *strokes goatee*..... Dude, that's hilarious, esp. after this weekend.
Yeah, good thing I kept my cool Saturday night...I'm glad I didn't let me patron saint down!

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