Real Conversations at the Library-Part 1

“I need this reference book,” indicating a call number on a piece of paper.
“The book that you are looking for is located on the first floor in XYZ room.” (Directions to this room were given.)

*Ten minutes later*

“I can’t find this reference book and the man at circulation said that you might have it up here.”
“I can almost guarantee that it is not up here but I will check and then if I can’t find it up here I will see about letting you into the Reference room downstairs.”

The book is not upstairs so I walk down to the room that I sent her to before and it is unlocked and the lights are on.

“Is this the room that you came to?” (Indicating the room that I had directed her to before.)

“Yes, but the man told me it was locked.”

I guess you would get that impression when the lights are on and the door is wide open


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