Swirl of interviews and library activity

So, about that job that I wanted but can't take, I emailed the contact person posted and explained how I am still in Grad school, etc., and asked if he would be willing to keep my resume on record in the event that anything else came up later. He said that he would keep my resume on record for 2 years, and he suggested that I call in late November, early December when I am closer to being done and he would be happy to let me know of any job postings in the area that he may hear about from the other libraries. How great. Tre cool!

About the Library position at ITT Tech, I went in for the second interview two weeks ago and heard last week that they had given the position to another WSU student (apparently it was between three of us for the job). I can't say that I was altogether dissapointed. It would have been decent money, but it would have just been a filler until a public library position somewhere opened up. At least I got practice out of it...with each interview that I go on I am beginning to feel more confident, and have a better sense of how to have a successful interview-a skill that I will use eventually when I apply for my dream job.

While at my second interview at ITT Tech, I had to meet the Dean (this is not as important as it sounds...it is a small college), and while we were talking it came up that I have a B.A. in English, and right then he offered me a teaching position for the Winter 2008 semester. He asked that I call him back when I finish my Masters in December to let him know if I am interested. I would be teaching Writing Composition...tempting.

And lastly, today I recieved a call from a library here in the Detroit Metro Area in response to an email I sent them about volunteering. I will be volunteering 5 hours/week, starting next week, helping with a Circulation statistics project which is something that is done so that the Librarians can see what gets checked out the most, etc., which in turn helps their Collection Development person decide what to keep when weeding out the collection. Not super fascinating work, but a learning experience, and you never know what may come of it.


Jenny said…
This is GREAT news! Do you know how many people would kill to get that many people interested in them! Yo momma must be proud. I just know you're going to find the perfect job for you and I have to say that the Writing Comp one sounds reallllly cool!
Ah Jenny,

But the dilemma is, if I take that position that means I am stuck in the great state of Mi for at least 6 more mos...what if my dream job becomes available elsewhere...?

I need to figure out what I am doing by Oct. that is my personal deadline...because if I take that teaching position it would require extra time to plan the syllbaus and get over my general fear of being in front of a classroom of students.... :)

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