My ideal job...and I can't even take it!

I have been keeping my eyes peeled, constantly checking the Library listing for open positions, and today I found a job that I would love to take...and it is not far from where I used to live out East. TORTURE. To know that I could do the job, and do it well, and live where I want to be-out be able to cast my eyes out on the sea of Berkshire green...sigh...

The posting: 6/22/07 ___, MA, Youth Services Supervisor, ___Library AssociationQUAL: MLS from ALA accredited institution required, with experience in children's library service preferred. Must be creative, energetic yet organized; able to build upon a high level of service in an expanded & renovated facility. Extensive knowledge of children's literature balanced with strong computer & web skills. Heavy emphasis on programming for wide age range demands imagination, stamina & energy. Must be flexible and problem solver; able to work well with all ages.

Physical Requirements: Bending, stooping, reaching, standing & walking. Lifting objects up to 25 lbs.DUTIES: The ___Library Association is a non-profit organization that acts as the public library for the town of ___, as well as serving people from a tri-state area. Last year nearly 50,000 people walked through our doors. ___ is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and is surrounded by many other cultural organizations. In 2006, the ___Library ranked 1st on a per capita basis among Massachusetts libraries for children's programs & attendance. We need a dynamic person for a high energy, full-time, professional position. Supervises part-time staff. Selects and maintains extensive collection of pre-school, school age and YA materials in all media; plans, publicizes and performs children's programming. Provides youth reader's advisory and reference services; initiates and maintains active and extensive involvement with the community and local schools.

SALARY: DOQ TO APPLY: If you want to build an exciting future in an appreciative community, send resume to: ___ Library, 18 Main Street, ___USA DEADLINE: July 6, 2007

I changed the name of the Library with ___'s incase any of you out there want to try and apply...foiled! I am hoping that they hire someone that they hate and repost this job in late Novemeber. Keep your fingers crossed...sigh...


TSOldtimer said…
I know EXACTLY where that is! Hahahaha! Keep your fingers crossed; if it's anything like the Farm, I'm sure the job will still be there!
Kt said…
So take it now, why don't you? You never said why you couldn't. If it's the job you want, what could have a higher priority?

Perfect jobs are far too uncommon, says I.
monster.librarian said…
I have to finish school first...then I will be a Jedi and be able to travel back to my homeplanet of Hoth!
Kt said…



(Fun with emoticons.)

Who needs school when you have a perfect job?
I can't get the perfect job until I get the degree...sneaky how that works out, eh?

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