Drinking Beers, Talking Children's Books, and playing Guitar Hero...?

As librarians we are trained to watch future technological trends, since we are there to meet the needs of our ever changing world and the needs of our customers. Some libraries, the Grosse Pointe, MI. Public Library, for example, now has a collection of tools that can be borrowed, to meet the needs of their patrons. Right on!

Why am I bringing this up...? I have found my new love...after reading and writing that is. I was at my friend S's bday party a couple of weeks ago, and I am pleased that I had some twenty-somethings sipping beers and cocktails outside, and discussing their favorite books. I was so "pleased pleased pleased," to quote Coupling, (one of the funniest Brit shows ever.)

After this lovely conversation we did the cake thing, etc. and then the boys got into playing "Guitar Hero II," and eventually had everyone trying it out.

I have to say that I do not like video games that much...seriously, the last thing I played involved Mario...you know the one where he has to run so much before he can fly...you know what I am talking about! Anyway...I fell in love that night and have decided that I need to encourage Librarians everywhere to make the right choice; add Guitar Hero II to your video game collections...and do it today!

Guitar Hero is a game that starts you out with demos on how to hold the guitar and press the buttons that represent chords while you strum. You are playing along with the song, strumming the chords as colored blips come up on the screen, corresponding with the color coated guitar.

I swear to God, I wasn't me anymore. I was John Lennon rocking it out on top of that building in Liverpool, I was Mick Jagger doing the rooster walk across stage, I was...well, I really probably looked about as cool as Mr. Rogers with a guitar, but I felt like a "Superstar! (Insert Mary Katherine Gallagher leg kicks here). And I was like her, I even got to kicking my legs up in the air while I was playing and everything. Wow.

I am not ashamed. It was awesome. Try it. Try it today.


Mummy Dearest said…
Word. That game rocks. Although I am really partial to Zelda played on a Wii...
Kt said…
Oo, sounds fun. Does it help you play a real guitar after you've turned it off? I don't buy any of the current systems, otherwise I would have no life at all. (Read - "addiction") You missed the Screaming Mario phase of Topside. It was good. It involved screaming. You would have liked it.
Jenny said…
Wow, sounds like fun! I think you would like the wii, we got one and its just the best thing ever!!!

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