Long Day's Journey into Night and back into day again

I do it to myself so I am not going to complain.

It is a little after 7am and I am calling it quits after a night of doing homework. I got started at 11pm and wrote my 6 page Community Analysis paper, which describes the area and people around a library that I am later going to do a series of mock purchases for. I also just finished my weekly article review for that same class.

And I managed to do some editing of a group project, pasting in some pieces from different group memebers as they came in. Easy enough. I like easy work at 5:30am.

On the nights-turned days-like these I am always thankful to be in my office because I can open the doorwall behind me and catch the coolish 50 degree breezes (in June this is a miracle!), hear the birds starting their morning routines, and meditate a little on the lovliness that is the mostly quiet of the early morning here.

I managed to find some awesome musicians this morning while I was taking a study break, their links I will provide here. Well, apparently my computer is being dumb and won't let me do the nice hyper links so their URLs are posted below. All three singers are lovely; calm music, just perfect for this morning.

Well, I am off, gotta go home, take a shower, get some strong coffee, and be back here in an hour an a half. I am living for 11pm tonight when I can go to bed...remember, it is the little stuff in life that is the best.
"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant." -Anne Bradstreet



Amy said…
Hi Monster friend- Thanks for the music suggestions- I am really enjoying it this morning as well (altho it's 11:30am here)...
Jenny said…
Sometimes I wish I was back in school. But then I read your blog and remember how important... how really, really important sleep is to me....

haha, good for you! :)
Mummy Dearest said…
Does your brain not shut off after midnight? I tried staying up to do math, but I kept getting every problem wrong!
Mummy Dearest,

Math is a horse of a different color...it never makes sense to me, no matter what time of day I do it. No, sometimes my brain goes faster at night when I have less of the normal things getting in the way. :)

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