Harry Potter..."Coming soon to a Library near you!"

Different covers of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows!
The event that kicked off one of the most anticipated happenings of the summer-the July 21 release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-has been preceded by the Knight Bus Tour, which has gotten kids (and adults) of all ages into the libraries to see the bus on its journey across America.

This posting is just a tribute to those clever libraries around the Detroit area (since sadly the closest the Knight Bus gets to us is Ohio or Illinois) that are making the arrival of Book #7 something to remember!

To those libraries (like the public library that I work at) who did nothing-bummer-I feel as though this is a great way to get kids into the library. You missed the train...the Hogwart's Express that is!
Some other really cool links:
"The Harryest Town in America," a listing which features which towns in America, (on a per capita basis), are pre-ordering the most copies of HP and The Deathly Hallows. When I looked, towns not far from where I grew up ranked #65, and #66

This is an awesome reflection by one of my favorite childhood authors, Judy Blume, called "Is Harry Potter Evil?"


Kt said…
Awesome links! Yay for book 7!!! But I'm miffed that the Knight Bus Tour is completely snubbing the Pacific Northwest, despite the fact that we round out 4 of the top 10 "Harryest Towns."
Well, we have our own parties.
JennPav said…
Not that this really has to do with anything, but I have worked with Mary GrandPre and her husband. They are big time authors for Harcourt School Publishers as well and I have not only worked with them and attended their seminars, but Mike actually had her husband as a teacher when we went to Ringling. More importantly, did you enjoy my run-on sentence?
JennPav said…
* and by author, I of course mean illustrator.

I'm wearing me Jenny the Tard hat today.
Very cool!
And I love run on sentences...how very Dickens of you!

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