I am leaving Michigan because of the State Bird

When people ask me why I want to move out of Michigan, I think of the budget cuts and politics. (See article below)

While budget cuts aren't the only reason, I would like to spend a few moments ranting. So the budgets are being cut-whatever, it happens, right? Well, the thing that pisses me off is that Michigan government has been so crappily (I made that word up) run. Governor Granholm had to cut many budgets this year, and people are mad at her, but I am not, even though it directly affects my future career. Why am I not mad? Because she is cleaning up behind the previous Governor-Governor John Engler, the idiot boy of Michigan. Before Engler left office, he spent every dime he could from the Michigan budget, and then some, putting MI. in dire straits, so Granholm was left with this mess.

Engler is good buddies with Bush Jr., and was considered for the spot of V.P. for the 2000 elections until the majority of the state voted Democratic in the 2000 Primaries (and thankfully in the election too!) You might not know, but after screwing over the MI. budget, Engler was appointed "by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to serve on the Advisory Committee on Transformational Diplomacy, developing new approaches to diplomacy that reflect the globalized economy." ~
National Association of Manufacturers.

Yes, I can see why that would be a smart move, to elect someone to an office where they deal with diplomacy and global economies since they weren't able to foresee (or if they did...do nothing about) the failing car industry in MI! An industry, which could have, like many other car manufacturers, watched the current trends in eco-friendly and gas efficient cars and encouraged the Big Three to make a change so they could stay astride of the changing global economy, since one of Michigan’s big industries is cars…but then again, maybe he wasn’t aware that Detroit is referred to as the “Motor City.” My bad!

Yet, it gets better-Michelle Engler, the former Governor's wife, "serves on the Board of the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). She was appointed to this position by President George W. Bush in 2001, and later was elected to the Board by the Freddie Mac shareholders," ~
Joint Civilian Orientation Council. Freddie Mac, which is one of the largest stockholders in residential mortgages, is also a huge supporter of whom? Bush-and his alleged calls for improvements to national housing. ~Freddie Mac

Where was Mrs. Engler's concern for housing and helping minorities when her husband was in office and they could have done something about the concerns around Detroit housing and the overwhelming poor, many of which are minorities? It is not overnight that the housing concerns happened in the city of Detroit; so that at present, the
house values in Detroit have slipped so low that new cars are worth more. It is tiring and saddening to watch our state fall down over and over again. We were discussing in class last night how Michigan is fast sliding down on the list of States and education. Isn’t this bothering anyone else? I want to be proud of Michigan, but it seems to frustratingly impossible. Damn Grad school-making me think-ignorance is truly bliss and I am wishing for some of that right now. My apologies for the rant…this article just made me sad and I am so tired of people in my program blaming Governor Granholm for all the problems this state has.

I have decided that when people ask me why I want to leave Michigan, I'll just say, "I don't like our state bird."

Click this link to read the article about Michigan’s
supposed 50% cuts.


Amy said…
Amen Sista! Your state and my state should get together and get out!
JennPav said…
You know, I really object to your disgracing the good name of the Robin. Just tell people that you're leaving Michigan due to rampant herpes outbreaks like I did.

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