The Detroit Festival of the Arts gave me cooties

For those faithful four or so people that actually read this, apologies for my absence.
I never get sick...ok, like once every four years. Apparently this was the year.
Went to the Detroit Art Festival, (click here for photos), on Saturday. Met some friends and their kids during my lunch break from the library. I sat with them-while they ate lunch-and drank in the perfect weather. The temperature was low 80s with a breeze and the sun was so bright, simply bathing Cass Ave. in a golden warmth. It made going back to my desk difficult, but I was able to meet up with my friends again after work. We wandered around, snaking through exhibits of tile work, photography, pottery, paintings, chalk drawings, you name it. I had a lovely time. However, I think it was here that I picked up someone's cooties.
Woke up Sunday morning with a high fever, sore throat, and an earache, feeling generally terrible. Spent the day on the couch watching a movie and the Tigers Game, both of which made me cry...not sure why, but when I am sick I will start crying for absolutely no reason. I am not even sad...weird.
Had to work Monday so I self medicated (since I don't have insurance, I did exactly what the Monster ordered): A hot tottie for breakfast and Sudafed for the sore throat, then two Vicadin for the pain, and I was out the door. I think the Vicadin made the day more interesting, I was just a ray of sunshine.
My favorite part of the morning was when I stopped at the store to pick up some more medicine, etc. I went to the counter with two bottles of vitamin water, a bottle of orange juice, a bottle of apple juice, a box of Sudafed, and a package of cough drops, only to have the girl ask me if I had a cold. It must have been the vitamin waters that gave me away.
Thankfully I woke up today with my sore throat gone. I decided to sing a happy song for my roomate's listening pleasure. I can't be 100% positive of what I sang, as it was early, and I was still tired, but I might have sang, "sore throats are going to clear up, put on a happy face."
I am heading out East tomorrow for a long weekend. Hope to post something fun soon about my visit to MA. Stay tuned!


Jenny said…
Post some pictures, I live vicariously through others who travel!

I'm so sorry that you were sick. I've had my fair share this year, and I too am normally not sick. I'm glad you're feeling better. I could never take vicodin. They gave it to me when I broke my wrist (the second time) after my surgery.

My mom had to prop me up on the couch and give me twizzlers to gum on because I couldn't remember how to chew. I could drool all over myself just fine, though...

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