How to make a barn dance

(I know TSOldtimer...I stole this line from your blog, you are tre clever!)

Friday found me waking at 6ish to TSOldtimers gentle prodding of, "you coming to milk with me?" I choose a little more sleep, and a visit to the barn with Mummy Dearest and kiddies. I reaquainted myself with some of the cows that I too had milked at one point, in what seems years and eons ago.

There is nothing so wonderful as the smells of a farm in the morning, especially in the summertime, when everything smells green and dewey; as though a heaviness has been left on everything from the nighttime. The cows waved their earthy smells towards us with each flick of the tail, meant to ward off buzzing flys. They welcomed us with moos and head tosses and a few inquisitive and frightened looks from the newest batch of calves, who backed into pen corners to avoid us.

That Friday, June 15th was Amos' 21st birthday. Amos, Mummy Dearest, TSOldTimer, and Lil Bro and I had a brunch that was truly a team effort. Mummy Dearest and Amos made and shaped (see the picture) biscuits, while I made omelets and relived my short order grilling days.

Also was able to spend some time chilling in the shade with the kiddies and Mummy. Life was good.

We used another recipe that afternoon: "How to make a barn dance"

Many farmers hands
3 brooms
2 mops
1 bucket of water (continually dump and refill as water muddies)
1 bottle of "borrowed" floor cleaner (don't tell Candy)
4 strings of lights
2 Germans
4 benches and chair sets
1 huge tankard of lemonade
1 huge tankard of ice water
many GFers willing to dance
A handful of Musicians and you pretty much have it!

The Contra Dance was a smash! Many hands went into setting up the Sheep Barn and cleaning it to make it ready for the Contra Dance that night. The barn was lite with a string of lights and the floors cleared, swept, and moped, enabling the lines of contra dancers to do si do, promenade, and what have you, all over the place. At one point there were so many dancers that people were almost literally dancing outside the barn.

That night Amos, CJ, TSOldTimer, Nevada, and I all headed out for some drinks to celebrate Amos' 21st. We played a little indoor shuffle board, toasted Amos, and had a good time. It felt good to be sitting in the middle of nowhere, in the Berkshires, when just two days before I had been sitting at a desk in the middle of Detroit. Life is good.


Mummy Dearest said…
thanks for posting about your vacation!! I haven't had the energy yet to do so. But you're much better at it anyways!!
I did it yesterday instead of going outside before class and enjoying the perfect summer day we were having in Detroit! I hope you appreciate my sacrifices... :)
Jenny said…
Looks like great people. Your blog really makes me wish I could meet them and be there to experience life on the farm!

You would love my farm friends...and fit in so well...when we all lived together we would get into some antics that were reminscent of the Fenton Cinema days...ha ha ha!

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