2011 in review

It seems like we love to review things: books, movies, restaurants, dates. I like to think it's something inherent in man; the first cavemen probably sat around and reviewed the first wheel, the wooly mammoths. Maybe it's because we want to look back and be appreciative of our time, cherish our memories; maybe it's just so we can rehash the good times, hope to hold onto those memories, or maybe we want to relive the bad stuff and be grateful that family, friends, a love pulled us up and out of ourselves; or maybe it's because we just hope to look back and be thankful that we made it out alive.

Whatever the reason, I guess I can't break tradition. 2011 looked a lot like this:
  • Got settled into my new digs, a cabin at the Farm (moved in last Christmas)
  • A tree fell on my cabin. Moved in with B1& B2
  • Lots of firsts: I ate morel mushrooms; I made horseradish, I dug up potatoes
  • I gardened like a maniac! 
  • I went to Jamaica and the U.S. Virgin Islands 
  • My brother A3 married Dayna
  • My old college roommate College Kim married Jesse
  • We ate a lot of good food
  • Went Up North for our yearly friends weekend. Pics here.
  • We got hit by Hurricane Irene
  • I saw the Statue of Liberty and spent my first day alone in NYCity
  • I picked apples in an orchard for the first time
  • Found out that brother A3 and sis-in-law Dayna are pregnant. I get to be an auntie again! #5
  • Found out that College Kim and Jesse are pregnant
  • I was offered and accepted as a full-time Children's Librarian position
  • I packed up and left my beloved Farm and headed west to Ohio
  • I laughed a lot.
  • I listened to lots of great music and more great music
  • I read lots and lots and lots of books
 It's been a good year. We'll see what this next year brings. Happy New Year everyone!


Kt said…
Wow, so much has happened this year, it seems, when you list it all together like that!

I agree, it's been a very good year. And 2012 will be even better! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Kt!! Hope you're well.

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