the rains of Hurricane Irene

The bridge down to the brook and sauna--chunks of it were washed away.

C Road which leads to the main road into town--yep, that's thigh high water.

Part of the area around the swimming hole.

The usually calm waters of the swimming hole.

The water coming into the swimming hole.

Gloriously lovely.
Here are some photos I snapped today--Hurricane Irene sent lots of rain our way: flooding the river, knocking down trees. 

After work I was like a child, helplessly enthralled by the rush of water, ecstatic to get thigh high in the cool run-off. N and I even took a canoe and paddled from the shoulder of the road into what is normally field and woods, now flooded and covered in over 6 feet of water--it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. It was so cool to glide through the woods, imaging us adventurers on a journey through the bayou!


Denise said…
its amazing how beautifly you have captured this disaster.

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