pure Michigan

I sneaked away from the Farm for the weekend--that doesn't sound like much but it is a huge feat to do something and not have 5 million people know what you're up to...we have nothing to do at the Farm but work and know about each others' lives...we do live, work and eat together every day! I borrowed TSO's car (mine needs work) and drove all Wednesday afternoon; away from the Farm, through New York State, into and through Canada and back over into Michigan, to the home of my bestie L.

Bestie L, her husband K and their three girls: L (age 9 years), A (age 6.5 years) and V (age 1.5 years) and I piled into their mini van the next afternoon and headed "Up North"--the area of Michigan that we Michiganders refer to when talking about any part of the lower peninsula above the fist knuckles (Michigan afterall is the "mitten state"). A little trivia for you: I grew up in Southeastern Michigan, right on the border of the tri-cities area, but was born in Northern Michigan in Traverse City--you'll notice it on the map--which is known for it's cherries.

Anyway it's a long haul to the Charlevoix area--on the map it's northeast from Traverse City, it's that nubbin that juts out if you go diagonally up and to the left from the "n" in "Northern Michigan."--from Southeastern Michigan where the bestie lives, about 4/4.5 hours in the car.

It was gorgeous, just as I remembered things from the last time I went up (2008?). We spent that first night getting things put away and ready for the rest of the gang to arrive the next day; my brother A3 and his wife Dayna, bestie Kim and her bf Joe, and Chris and Katie all arrived Friday. The weekend was great, spent eating and drinking, swimming, boating, tubing, having bonfires at night, going into Charlevoix to watch the sunset over Lake Michigan. (My bro and his wife, Chris and Katie all even managed a trip into Traverse City, the rest of us chose reading, naps, boating and relaxing). It was great. I love being at the Cottage and am so thankful that Bestie L's in-laws let us use it every so often--we're hoping to make this a yearly tradition!

So, with my trip home behind me I look forward to my trip to the Virgin Islands TOMORROW!! St. John here I come! Dear friend College Kim and her fiance Jesse are getting married this week! HOORAY! More soon on that...


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