island effervescent

Cruz Bay, St. John, VI
So, the Virgin Islands, one word: glorious. Well, many words. Effervescent, unconstrained, buoyant, wonderful.
The worst part: 96ish degrees F everyday with high humidity. I am a jeans and tshirt kind of gal.

The best parts:
  • Spending tons of time with my besties L&K WITHOUT their kiddos for hours and hours...days in fact, this hasn't happened since their oldest Lauren was born over 9 years ago! It was like the old days; tooling around, beaches, swimming in the BEAUTIFUL ocean, eating and drinking, laughing, laughing, laughing. We had so much fun. 
  • I shared a condo with three other girls--teacher friends of College Kim's--and that wound up being great too.
  • The night of the wedding--since the reception ended ridiculously  early--we all met for drinks after we'd changed and hopped around to three different bars. Some of us headed to Hawksnest Bay for a late night swim in the bio-luminescent waters. It was so cool.
  • Hawksnest Bay, St. John, VI
    This is Gallows Point, Cruz Bay--where I stayed
    St. John, Trunk Bay
    Trunk Bay, St. John, VI
  • I watched the sun rise on my second to last day. It was perfect. Gold and pink streaking across an ever lightening sky kind of perfect. From our lookout, sitting on top of a stone wall, we could see St. Thomas and the ocean dividing the two islands, and the ocean all around. Blue everywhere. Beautiful.
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