staring off and drooling

Life feels so busy right now.
I am almost there.
I see the finish line.
In just a few days I will be looking at the ocean, hanging with my family, drinking rum, and BE IN JAMAICA! I can't wait.
So excited I can only wheeze out short sentences!
Only a few more days of work.
SO much weeding in my gardens to do before I leave.
I need to pack!
I have to clean my cabin for Ian, who will be staying there and using the space re-retreatishly while I am gone. Agh. I am so in vacation mode already that I don't feel like blogging. Hmm...Garden:
  • Cosmos are up and fern-looking, no flowers, not even indicators that they are flowers yet. I am sad that the thought that the flowers may have their first blooms while I am away.
  • Sunflowers (multiple varieties) are up and getting big!
  • Tomato plants are behind where I thought they would be--due to weird cool, hot/humid, tons of rain, cool, repeat weather we've had lately? Praying the tomatoes and tomatillos don't fruit until I get back
  • Cucumbers are growing every day, not yet long enough for me to start "training" the net climbers yet...also hope this doesn't happen while I am away
  • Squash and pumpkin have their first big leaves
  • Peppers and Broccoli plants have surprisingly survived and look good enough
I am like a proud parent in all these achievements! 

Back at the cabin I finally feel settled. I am seldom at home much these days, but am trying to be home more nights. Had Kelly and RugbyGirl over for dinner the other night, Farmer MacDonald stopped in and was fed also--it was really nice to have company and laughter. Otherwise, I have been playing a lot of "swat and kill the moths" (no matter how hard I try they get in whenever I open the damn door!); I am getting to know the pair of luna moths who've appeared and love to fly as fast as they can into my window screens and doors. (I must admit this behavior was a little unnerving at first, but alas, now I love the thump thump of their dumb bodies); and have almost daily run-ins with the deer who are always around my house, both of us staring at each other and than going about our business. I

I feel like Homer Simpson, staring off and drooling. The library has been annoyingly SLOW tonight. SO SLOW...I guess it's a nice change...just making me SLEEPY! Guess I should go and start doing my library closing chores.


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