first cooking attempt in the cabin

Been meaning to post this, but waited for pics, so here goes!

Despite being a cook and loving to cook, it has been over a month since I moved into my little cabin in the woods and I hadn't cooked in my little kitchen until this past Sunday night. I'm not entirely sure why, other than the fact that I don't like eating alone, so I jumped at the chance to try out my new kitchen when Ian, a fellow Farmer, suggested we hang out...and maybe even make dinner...and maybe even make dinner at my house.

Ian showed up with arms full of food and headed back to the Farm's kitchen for more ingredients (perk of working at the Farm is that we shop in the Kitchen's pantry, fridge and freezer). I'd chosen to try my hand at making galumpkis (stuffed cabbage) to see if I liked it enough to make it for the Farm; Ian decided on gorgonzola cheese mashed potatoes and maple rosemary roasted carrots.

And so we stood side by side, me mixing galumpkis filling and boiling cabbage, Ian chopping potatoes and hunks of cheese, carefully cutting carrots. As we worked we talked about Farm life, the trials of living in community and how our relationships are affected; we drank wine, tasted things, drank more wine, laughed, drank wine, and then after two hours of preparing and cooking we sat down to our feast and it was amazing.

So, the galumpkis recipe--it was ok. I could have done more spices in the meat/rice mixture--more salt perhaps, something to give it some omphf. I didn't cut out the cabbage's middle stems, which made rolling them tough, but that piece was not inedible so we didn't mind it in the end. Also, though Ian really like the sauce, I wanted it to be more saucy and less chunky/vegetably. But, mmm, we congratulated ourselves on our success as we sat feeling full and letting things sink in, and again as we washed dishes.

Me and my head of peeled cabbage leaves.

The galumpkis filling pre-stuffing.

Ian working on the carrots.

The galumpkis sauce.

Ian's magical gorgonzola cheese mashed potatoes.

The cooking galumpkis (we took the extra filling and cooked it on top of the galumpkis!)


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