carrying that weight

Last night was supposed to be a night for relaxing, prayer and meditation with some friends who've started a spirituality group; I was looking forward to the down time, but happened instead to be in the right (or wrong?) place at the right (wrong?) time. A coworker accidentally put her hand through a pane of glass in the kitchen while a few of us were hanging around talking. In the span of seconds, which seemed to move so slowly, we realized that our friends arm warranted a trip to the ER so, after applying pressure and wrapping arm with towels, Sierra and I and I took Elo to the ER.

The night, which didn't go as I planned, was actually exactly what I needed. The time was spent being present to a friend, which forced me to forget about things which had previously seemed important--stresses and concerns--and gain the same sense of calm to be there for her. During the drive into town, and through sitting at the ER--sitting with the uncertainty--we were able to laugh and tell stories, make jokes abowhat had happened, things which helped us focus on something other than our friends injury. We laughed like lunatics and I can honestly say I don't think that hospital has ever seen such a rowdy bunch of girls!

Sierra and I sat with Elo and watched as the doctor flushed her wound and put in 16 stiches (3 internally and 13 externally), told her how fortunate she was that the glass had only just grazed the sheath of skin around her tendon, just missing it. In under 3 hours we were again outside in the thickness of an already too warm spring and deciding where to go eat.

The adrenaline was fading away and I was feeling sleepy as we returned home I. slept like a rock and woke really renewed. Times like those remind me of the bonds we share as community member: a dysfunctional family unit at the worst of times; a strong, supportive force at our best. I guess sometimes we can only help each other on this crazy journey of life--carrying our weights together. This song felt apropos.

Mumford & Sons- Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (Beatles Cover)

Way more upbeat than the Beatles, but I LOVED it. Thank you Mumford for EVERY SONG--all gems!


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