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So, I return.

After two frustrating trips to Best Buy for a new hard drive I did what I should have done in the first place, and ordered the damn thing online. With help from my friends--N, who put in my new hard drive; roomie RugbyGirl, who helped me install a Linnux operating system; and TSO, who patiently helped show me where the internet connect/disconnect button is on this new operating system--I now have my computer up and running again. My silence in the blog world was mostly due to the fact that it is bloody ridiculous trying to post a blog from an iTouch.

So much has happened since last I wrote. But what? Errmmm...hmm...not really sure what, now that I think of it. Well, I guess, in a nutshell:
  •  Farm food has changed. Mostly gone are the summer crops. Our fresh veggies coming from our garden include: kale (curly and dino), chard (rainbow, Swiss), leeks, Brussels sprouts (Thank God! I love Brussels sprouts!) cabbage (purple and green), fall squash (delicata, pink banana, butternut). Less frequently we've also been still getting scattered (and smaller) batches of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. 
  • Now that my computer is operational, my car is acting up. On my way out to Lexington/Concord to complete one of my 30 goals my car broke down. My friend Jay fixed the alleged problem only for my car to start acting up again. Now we're patiently watching and waiting, fairly certain my car will need more (and more expensive) work on my clutch and slave cylinder. Ergh. The best thing about having car problems in community is that many many people have been more than willing to let me borrow their cars, or have recently offered. Thanks TSO and Mummy Dearest!
  • The most obvious change in New England is the color of the leaves; quickly fading from fierce and colorful fall bursts into the burnt and dying muted brown tones. 
  • Still working on my 30 list, though I am only close to a third of the way done and have realized that I probably won't finish the entire list by the end of the year. Ah, well.
  • Headed to D.C. This weekend for the Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive! So excited! 
Also, lots of pictures to follow, once I get my computer all squared away. More substance soon.


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