we've got talent

"America's Got Talent," has nothing on our Farm. People here are so amazingly gifted in so many ways, but I think I become immune to that until I sit down and watch an Open Mic Night like tonights. It was amazing and great and fun and funny and...satisfying. Sometimes, once I am home at the end of the day, it is so hard for me to want to go back into the community for all-Farm events, but I am so glad that I did tonight!

Everything about the night was right. The Open Mic Night took place in the old living room. Twenty or thirty some people crammed in, grabbing empty chairs or floor space, and a makeshift stage was set up in front of the fireplace. The charm of events like these is buried in everything, even the simplest things like how we all cram in together, all of us Farmers: friends, coworkers, staff and guests snuggled in together, sitting elbow to elbow. Just being. I sometimes stop and look around and really appreciate how we are like a big family (the true gift and magic of the Farm). And magic abounded in everything, from the simplest acts of singing songs, both written by the performers and famous songs sung; magic in the escalating laughter as the Farm team sang and danced to an 80s medley; magic in how the youngest of our community tottered around the room--stopping occasionally, being picked up by various Farmers and bounced on dozens of knees--not far from the oldest member of our community.

I caught myself in the midst of all this magic, thinking of the blessing that this Community, this Farm is for me. The blessing it is to sit next to close friends. The blessing it is to be happy. I found myself almost uncontrolably moving to the music and humming along to songs I knew. Smiling and laughing...a lot. Life is good. And nights like tonight are important reminders of that.


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