Thanksgiving stats

People always ask how much food/what kind of food we make, so here are the Thanksgiving stats:
  • 12 turkeys, which equaled roughly 108 pounds of meat
  • 176 dinner rolls (made by our baking/pastry program)
  • 50 lbs mashed potatoes
  • 40 lbs Farm Brussels sprouts
  • 40 lbs Farm squash (butternut)
  • 224 cups (I estimate this wound up being about 40/50 lbs) of stuffing **this is what I made for the meal**
  • 2 gravies: 1 turkey, one vegetarian mushroom
  • 12+ lbs of white bean stew
  • Quinoa with walnuts and raisins
  • Cranberry sauce
  • 6 + lbs of Farm applesauce
  • Gallons and gallons of Farm apple cider
  • Water, coffee and tea
  • 40 pies/tarts: 9 Blueberry Pies, 9 Pumpkin Pies, 9 Chocolate Pies, 9 Lemon Curd Tarts and 4 Cranberry Tarts (made by our baking/pastry program)
About 2 dozen pairs of hands went into making the meal; 6 people carved turkeys Thanksgiving morning; 134 people enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal.

It was a busy day which began at 6:30 for me, opening the Kitchen, and which didn't end until a very sleepy me was yawning and mentally rehashing the day as I meandered around curvy roads back from the train station an hour away (having taken my cousin Jessi, from NYC, to catch the train back into the city). It was a lovely November day that found me sitting with my Farm family (my dearest friends here); thinking nostalgically of home; being thankful for all the gifts in my life.


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