busy bumble bee

I've been flying around like a busy bumble bee lately:
  • Training a new staff person
  • Getting tax forms ready and out (my office looks like an IRS truck exploded...ok, maybe not that bad)
  • Preparing to weed Adult Fic/Non-Fic AGAIN
  • Preparing to weed our Reference collections in Children's and Adult AGAIN
  • Preparing to shift collections around to make more room for our teens--so hard with no space!
  • Working on Summer Reading--Yep, I've had all of our entertainment booked since before Christmas, now booking some local speakers of interest. Summer Reading 2014 is going to be awesome
  • The usual paperwork
  • And in my free time I've been reading like a mad person--did I mention that I am a judge for the 2015-2016 Choose to Read Ohio? It's been great, but still have 7 books to get through by next week. YIKES! I feel like I haven't seen the sun the past two weekends, holed up in my apartment

So, in lieu of going into detail about anything right now--maybe I can do that Thursday as I'm speeding toward New England and the Farm on a train--I will just do the cat-lady-librarian thing and share a picture of Hemmy--what happened to that little kitten I adopted a year and a half ago?

Isn't this chair hideous?!
I'm saving up for traveling, so the re-upholstering has to wait!


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