zombie lab

Not sure what this was...?
Dried tongue=I think this was some sort of fruit jerky
Slimy Eyeballs=olives
Zombie skin=old flour tortillas rubbed with just a little olive oil
Beating Heart=whole, skinned, tomatoes

Brains=a jello molded spaghetti and red jello monstrosity--this looked so real it freaked the kids the hell out!

Waxy ears=dried apricots
Extracted teeth=fried corn (the kernels get groady dried and brittle--never saw that before I moved here)

Toenail trimmings=? Don't remember
Dry bones=dried out chicken bones

 I mentioned our FRIENDS of the Library's awesome pizza party and zombie laboratory, held here at the Library on Halloween night, but never shared the pics.  Super fun and super simple.


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