HOLY CATS! The FRIENDS group at our Library hosts a yearly Halloween party and haunted laboratory and last night I think we were the hit of the town, what with the torrential downpour, and hurricane warnings. We had over 500 people show up!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Our tiny library was packed! I was bummed, I only saw the first 100 or so, then had to sneak out to head down to the Columbus suburbs.

Ohio Library Council (OLC) has a bunch of chapters, divisions, and committees; I was elected to one of said groups this past spring, and today attended my first meeting. Aside from the fact that I ran into a colleague from my old library--awesome!--I didn't know anyone there, so spent the day with fellow committee members addressing issues and goals for 2014! Our group was a lot of fun and I'm glad I was able to make more professional connections! As a young professional I'm always seeking opportunities to learn more about our profession and I think getting involved at a state-wide leve will be great for that, so for any of you other librarians out there--GET INVOLVED! Find any kind of group that interests you and throw yourself into it passionately. And if one that interests you doesn't exist yet, CREATE IT!

HAPPY WEEKEND! Thank God's it's here!


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