Halloween reads

I love Halloween. It is absolutely my favorite holiday; no pressure to bring a date to the family meal, no feeling alone and unkissable at midnight. Just dressing up and being whatever you want to be, showing off your costume cleverness, or inner slutty nurse, or your mad zombie make-up skills!
Since it's Halloween and I haven't already posted something, thought I'd share a few fun Halloween-worthy books...you still have time for these!

For the young crowd:
Frankensquare, Kelly Asbury
Super cute board book!

And Happy Halloween, Curious George

For the Pre-school/Kindergareten crowd:
Go Away, Big Green Monster! Ed Emberly
A fun story about not being afraid. The kids love that the monster grows and disappears before their eyes--we had a really great flannel board for this at my old library, need to get one for Sticks!

For the Younger Elementary crowd:
 Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat, Stan & Jan Berenstain
This came out after I was too old for Berenstain Bear books, but I still snuck a peek and loved it still. I love love love the wholesomeness and good, family values of the Berenstain Bear books!

 and I loved this one too: Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Tree, Stan & Jan Berenstain
you can tell by the art work that this one is a bit older--the Berenstain cubs are truer in look to their original selves! (This book came out in 1978, versus the above Trick or Treat, which came out in 1989--amazing to see how characters get fine tuned with time!)

Can You See What I See, On a Scary, Scary Night?, Walter Wick
Kiddos love the I SPY book series and they'll love this one too! I saw Wick speak and demonstrate how he puts together his I SPY books at a Mazza Museum conference this summer--super cool stuff! 

 The Witches, Roald Dahl
Genius as always--a silly, fun treat! Who doesn't love Dahl books!!?

For the upper elementary crowd:
The Scary Stories series, Alvin Schwartz
Folklore and urban legends retold, terrifying stories that a substitute teacher read to us in 5th grade, and the very same stories that get into my head when I'm driving alone at night in the middle of no where. *shiver*

The Young Adult crowd:
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Ranson Riggs
This book made me almost pee my pants when it got to a scary part and my power went out!
Full review.

This Dark Intent;
Such Wicked Intent, Kenneth Oppel
I am still EAGERLY awaiting the 3rd book--please, GOD! Tell me you're writing it now, OPPEL!!
Both were intriguing and creepy, but Such Wicked Intent definitely had more terrifying elements in it for me!

Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelley
I know that Frankenstein isn't as scary as we've made him in the movies, but this book still gave me the shivers! Loved reading it as an undergrad.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
This book creeped me out and gave me 3 straight nights of nightmares. Gaiman is a master at digging into our psyches and planting intrusive, scary things there! 


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