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Over 10 years ago when I was winding down in my Bachelor's program I decided that I was going to do what I couldn't do when I began college--I was going to move away from home. Like really move away; somewhere where I didn't know anybody and had no family nearby; begin a life that sounded more exciting than my own, but most importantly do Americorps work which would allow me to give back and help others. After talking to a friends brothers, who were then themselves immersed in Americorps work, I read and reread the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service's RESPONSE book, writing down my top 15 choices, narrowing it down to 10, 5, and then 3. Fortunately my first choice of Nome, Alaska fell through at the last minute and I wound up in Monterey, Massachusetts, but more specifically working at Gould Farm.

Reading their website will give you a great picture of the wonderful things this place does, and because I am due back in the kitchen soon--I'm part of a team preparing food for tomorrow's Centennial Celebration!--I will just say this: I am feeling very grateful for Gould Farm on the eve of its Centennial; can't even imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't come here 10 years ago and worked with so many courageous folks, made so many dear friends, and grown in unexpected ways! I'm so proud that I've been part of this amazing place. Thank you, Gould Farm!


Maria said…
Count me among the many, many Gould Farmers who are lucky that Alaska fell through for you.

You did as much work this week to make this Reunion happen as I did in a year. You are an amazing friend, amazing cook, great leader, and true Gould Farmer. I think that Will and Agnes would have loved you and never let you leave community.

I wish we lived closer to each other, friend, and I could make YOU dinner. (You know I know how to make that one thing, right?)

Thank you for making this once-in-a-100 years celebration so special.

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